Funniest High School Senior Pranks!!

  1. Hi guys!

    Just thought it would be fun if we all posted our funny senior pranks back in high school! :yes: I'll start (as a disclaimer, this didn't happen in my senior class, but the class right under us):

    I went to high school in south florida, where it is generally commonplace to hear on the news of people finding alligators in their backyards. There was a pond in my high school, and the kids that year somehow procured a medium sized alligator and put it in the pond over night! I wasn't there, as I had graduated the previous year, but I heard it caused quite a ruckus!

    Any other funny stories from PFers old high school days?
  2. I'm a senior this year but there have been some funny pranks from previous years.

    Last year the senior class took the entire principal's office (his desk, filing cabinets, secretary's desk, etc.) and set up the office in the dome. They took all the desks out of the classes on the ground floor and put them in the hallway. Upstairs they did the same for some classrooms, others they took the desks and made sculptures with the desks.

    Sophomore year, the seniors put zipties on all the lockers in the school, except the ones that belonged to seniors. They put cups of water on the stairs to create a waterfall in the staircases.

    Freshman year, they took the rock (our school has a rock outside the tennis courts and each school year the new seniors get to pain it. We also paint it whenever we win a game, a student achieves something, etc.) and put it in the back of a pickup truck they got into the school and put in the dome. They also painted the pickup truck in school colors.

    I'm looking forward to my class's senior prank-the only problem is getting enough people involved to help.
  3. Our senior pranks sucked. (Someone got in trouble for climbing the flagpole.) But one of the funniest ones was from the senior class before us. I went to Lexington High School (in Lexington, Massachusetts.) Our 'Mascot' is the Minuteman.

    On the outside of the main building is a blue and gold minuteman sign. The seniors took a dildo, painted it gold and stuck it on the sign so it looked like the Minuteman was holding the dildo.
  4. last year the a group of seniors painted 50 gallon drums like Bud Light cans and placed a 'six pack' on the top of the school!!

    it made the newspaper - I laughed all of first hour!
  5. My brother played such a funny was subtle though.

    He put the school up for sale in the paper!!!! ROFL He is a hoot.
  6. The year before i graduated, the seniors bought firecrackers into school. The Bomb squad was called and the whole school was in lockdown for 3 hours. They set some off in the halls. They also tried to do a "slip n' slide" with oil. They all got suspended.
  7. I don trecall any at the moment. My hs was pretty crazy. We had senior girls sleeping with 1 of the teacher...ummmm..what else...most everyone at my school was was a performing arts school and we had plenty of boy ballerinas.

    I'll come back if I remember anything!!!
  8. I don't think my senior class (2003) really had one big prank...I went to school at Broadneck Sr. High in Annapolis, Maryland and other than the occasional stink bomb being set off in the AC/heater vents - we didn't really have too much exciting going on. During our graduation ceremony some people brought inflatable beach balls and things to throw around and the Football QB brought a MONSTEROUS black dildo that he started throwing around. haha, I don't remember too much about my high school graduation - all I can remember was thinking "Please God don't let that thing come to me!!!!" haha, the girl sitting next to the guy next to me got hit in the face with it :roflmfao:
  9. i remember our senior year was pretty funny.. we went to our rival school (they're the rival because their school floorplan is EXACTLY the same.. just flip-flopped. i could go in there blindfolded and just go in reverse (left is right, etc) and know where everything still is! haha) and drained their swim [shallow] and diving [deep] pools... refilled it and made GINORMOUS pools of jell-o. in blue & yellow (our school colors.. theirs are green & yellow). they got back at us though by putting soap in our pools.. so everything was quite bubbly.. and green. it was like the hulk exploded in our pool system. lol.

    i know the classes before me did some wild stuff too.. can't remember off the top of my head right now though.

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Thats genius and so easy to carry out. lol. did anyone reply to the ad?
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: everyone has such great stories! this is fun :p
  12. I was a freshman when this happened, but I'll never forget it. Our school's daily announcements were broadcast on the school's closed circuit TV system at the beginning of third period. They were presented by students in the form of a school news show. The announcements were taped the day before they were broadcast. A guy broke into the school's TV studio and stole the tape that had the announcements on it. He took the tape home and put about 15 seconds of a pornographic film on the tape in the middle of the announcement program. He then snuck the tape back in before anyone noticed it missing. The next day, the tape was broadcast at the beginning of third period as usual. Of course, every student in the whole school saw the porn footage. The school sort of overreacted to it, I think. They were actually offering counselling in case any students were "disturbed" by what they saw that morning! :confused1: The kid who did it was already 18, and he actually got charged with exposing minors to "harmful materials" or something like that. I don't remember what became of it after that.
  13. We were on such a tight leash, no senior pranks happened. They had security camera's everywhere, guys walking around and on golf carts to check everything, and would kick you out for whatever. Gotta love private schooling.