Funniest Cab Ride EVER

  1. So tonight I layed low with a friend and we ordered dinner and hung out. Well I flagged down a cab to take home since I didn't want to take this sub this late- and it was a little stinky- but I figured oh well. Most cab drivers just drive- this guy asked how my night was! I was taken aback a little bit.. so we got to talking

    The conversation could not have got funnier... it went something like this:

    Me: So when are you off tonight?
    Dude: Around 5 Am
    Me: Wow that is late! You must get lots of drunks and crazies!
    Him: Ohhh yes.. they all come from the bars all drunk. The boys and girls I drive take home different people every night
    Me: Erhmmm ohhhkay
    Him: Yes sometimes they begin making sex in my cab
    Me: :wtf:
    Him: They start taking off panties and sucking
    Me: :wtf:
    Him: They do sex right in my cab. They can't wait
    Me: What do you say?!?!
    Him: I tell them to go home and do it behind the doors. Human bodies like to do that. That is how human bodies are made- to like sexing. But not in my cab. My cab will stop and it is shaking back and forth...
    Me: :wtf:

    What a night!!!!!! :lol:
  2. Megs, that is hilarious! ...But a little disturbing! :lol:
  3. His accent was the best part... and how he kept talking about panties, cab rocking, and sexing in the backseat

    That was *his* vocabulary choices!!
  4. lol, that's life in nyc for you, never a dull moment (especially for the cabbies i'm guessing!!!) funniest cab ride was on halloween a few years ago...i was coming home late from work & totally forgot what day it was...i hailed a cab & noticed the cab driver was decked out in a pirate's suit with a fake parrot sitting on his meter...i thought it was kinda strange, but didn't think much of it...i didn't realize it was halloween 'till i saw little kiddies dressed in costumes on the way home :P

    p.s. there's an HBO series called "taxi-cab confessions" :yes:
  5. hahaha...
  6. OMG... I hope you showered when you got home..and please tell me you didnt put your bag on the seat???!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That's Taxicab Confessions if I ever heard one!
  8. Jill, I was thinking the exact same thing while reading Meg's account of the cab ride! LOL!
  9. :lecture: eww!!!
  10. Remind's me to always carry hand sanitizer and bug spray the next time i flagg a cab!!

    Sad thing is he was probably telling the truth !!! :nuts:
  11. OMG. I'm dying at "making sex." You know he secretly submits his screenplay versions to Penthouse Forum. [​IMG]
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. Ahahhaah making sex

    A long time ago we went to Mexico. And my dad didn't want to drive around there, so we left the car at the border parking lot (where you pay to have it 'protected') and took a cab everywhere. Our cab driver went on the sidewalk, and went reverse on the freeway two times cause he kept misssing the off-ramp!
  14. [​IMG]

    = your best friend.
  15. weird!!