Funkylala ~ Sale Items 70% Off*New Items 40% Off

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  1. thank you for the codes
  2. Thank you for sharing!
  3. You're welcome ladies! I must say...their inventory is lacking! It appears to me that they are closing shop! Am I wrong? I sure hope that they aren't going out of business!!!!!!!
  4. I agree--

    Hope they are not going out of business too.

    I've ordered some bags from them in the past and really liked their speedy service.
  5. Thanks bag! It seems like they are closing. The discounts just keep getting higher and higher.
  6. thxs
  7. thanks:P
  8. They used to offer free shipping regardless of price, but looks like they're charging shipping for everything no matter how much you spend. Maybe another sign they're closing...?
  9. Thanks! The deals lately - 70%, 50% off all - are so incredible that I kind of feel guilty, but not guilty enough not to buy!
  10. anyone else having problems getting on their site?
    FWIW......they have been charging for shipping for a bit's not a recent change

    and, I hope they are not going OB
  11. i keep trying to checkout with the cheapest USPS shipping (priority $6.95) but then they would switch it to USPS Express ($19.45)...
    is anybody else having trouble with this?

  12. same thing happened to me
    so I didn't choose USPS, I chose FedeX
  13. me too!
  14. thanks bag! :smile::smile: