Funkylala Response to Discount Requests

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  1. Just wanted to share an email I received from Lizzy at FLL today-

    I think there has been some confusion about both the Easter Promotion and
    the price of the Black with Basket Weave Morning After / Morning After Mini.

    I took a look on purse forum to see if there were any other points of
    confusion and this seems that my synopsis should cover it. Although I've
    responded to several people on the subject, it seems nobody has given us the
    courtesy of posting my detailed explanation and as I understand it, purse
    forum would prefer that employees of boutiques not post direct
    communications to purse forum members, as such, I have not.

    That being said, regarding the Easter promotion, it was extended to
    customers who placed orders that could not be filled during the promotion
    (i.e. they ordered something that sold out before their order was received).
    Because the promotion ran over a weekend, orders were processed
    Monday/Tuesday and as the promotion expired on Tuesday, we elected to extend
    it for those customers for a day to allow them to consider an alternate
    purchase. This is not something we've done in the past, but I considered
    that it would be a gracious extension of service to those few customers, not
    a source of contention, as it has become, for other customers and potential
    customers. For this lack of foresight, I apologize. I would hope that you
    and the other people on purse forum might understand that our intention was
    and is not to discriminate or exclude. The extension was offered under 1
    single circumstance to all within that circumstance. It appears though a
    more liberal interpretation has been taken and requires rectification.

    Concerning the price of the Black with Basket Weave bag (both mini and
    regular), this bag became quite popular, as I imagine you are aware, after
    being seen on Lindsay Lohan. We had put the item on sale in mid/late fall
    before this. When we received countless emails searching for the bag, we
    inquired with Rebecca Minkoff and special ordered more units. These sold
    out rapidly as they are now. After continued demand, I again inquired with
    Rebecca Minkoff and ordered even more units, of both the Mini and the
    regular Morning After. These were listed at their original price, as is the
    case with items in such demand and for which special orders are placed. One
    customer had a standing order for this bag at the sale price and for this
    customer that price was honored (which I would think makes sense).

    That being said, I would like all of our customers and potential customers
    to feel that we are forward and hold in the highest regard their opinions
    and considerations. I would like therefore to extend a 20% discount on this
    style (both the Mini and Regular Morning After Bag) in the hopes of making
    amends. This discount will be applied to existing orders and sent via email
    to those that have inquired over the past few days. Although your order has
    already been placed, the code on this will be BLBWV20, for your reference.

    We have also taken into consideration the many requests for discount codes
    and are beginning to offer those more regularly and attempting to make them
    site-wide in response to customer feedback.

    I respectfully request that you might consider posting this response in some
    way shape or form so that our position might be understood.

    Thank you for your time and I do hope that I have addressed your concerns
    fully and to your satisfaction.
  2. Thank you for such a polite and professional response.
    Even though I played no part in this ordeal, I really appreciate the offer you've extended and what sounds like a genuine attempt to make it up to your customers.
    I am so happy that more coupon codes will be forthcoming as I think your site has a wonderful selection!
  3. Thanks Lizzy~ you have always being so professional and helpful since day one :tup:
  4. Thats so awesome that we were heard! Thanks for the deal, Lizzy!! We really appreciate it!!
  5. I sometimes feel bad about what CS goes through. Kind of like RM had to go through last sample sale of people being impatient even though it was clear the orders wouldn't ship for 2 weeks. I hope they never stop giving out good deals or get frustrated!
  6. Thanks a bunch Lizzy! This was just a misunderstanding, but thank you, we are glad you guys are offering us a discount!

    I think the Admins are ok with posting clarifications etc, I just don't think you're aloud to post advertisements to sell your bags...

    But honestly, Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a detailed clarification, as many retailers would not. We truly appreciate it!

    YAY for funkylala!
  7. So far i have received nothing but good service from Funkylala and Lizzy! Will continue supporting the site! Thanks Lizzy!
  8. That is so nice!
  9. I went to Funkylala today to get my Chocolate Matinee and they were so nice... It was my 2nd trip to this store and both times they've been so helpful! They honored their Easter discount of 25% off for me since I was on their mailing list but didn't receive an email. Really cute store with TONS of RM bags there!
  10. Hi,

    Nice to meet everybody. Apparently this is okay for me to respond, if not, I won't do it again.

    I called in to the store today to see about this as I had instructed the code to not be honored further. Which obviously it was. Long story short, they thought this was the exception, which it isn't.

    Based on the responses I received about this, I'm concerned there will be further upset. So let me preempt and say: I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry.

    I'll be issuing a grechen code within the next 2 days - grechen15. Feel free to start using it now for 15% off everything.

    We're really trying to do as much as we can to give you all (and everybody) the best possible experience and to be as accommodating as is humanly possible.

    Please feel free to keep emailing me with any questions, concerns, even a compliment or two sometimes (I'm playing).

    Have a great day,
  11. Lizzy, thanks for the response. I live in the city and the first time I went to you store I saw all of the amazing bags you guys had. I actually bought some clothing that day. Then just a few days ago I called to see if you had any RM bags on sale and I was told about the Easter promotion that just ended and was asked if I had the email. I said no as I think it went to spam and i automatically delete it all... One of your salesgirls told me that if I came by or called back within a day or two i could still receive it. I thought that was very sweet and fair, of course. Because if you had not been nice of enought to extend the discount, I probably wouldn't have come by at all.

    I've since been raving about how great your store is to everyone, and how many great bags you guys have! Hope I didnt cause any trouble.

    See you soon!
  12. Hi Lizzy! Welcome to the forum! I believe this is ok to post!

    Thank you so much for the code! Its always nice to have the store owners come on here and offer us specials!