Funkylala codes?

  1. Anyone know of any Funylala codes? TIA!
  2. I have not seen a code for funkylala in a long time so I'd be interested if someone has one also! This is the best website I have ever dealt with, fast, friendly service and I would shop there again with or without a code!:tup:
  3. I don't think they have codes, ever. They have excellent CS, and their actual brick & mortar store is wonderful (they have cupcakes, champagne, cheese, crackers, AND a bigscreen TV with video games for the boyfriend couch) but no discounts.
  4. They had a 10% off code after Christmas. That's the only one I've seen all year.
  5. I guess that's the one I was thinking of but it's probably not valid now. If anyone knows differently, please post!!!!:crybaby: