Funkylala Black Basketweave Preorder Update

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  1. I received this email earlier today from FLL regarding my black basketweave MAM:

    Good afternoon,

    Good news - your order will ship today!

    Unfortunately, we did not receive correct information on the hardware for this style. The hardware is the new hardware (no tassels) and the zipper trim is black.

    As we know people are waiting eagerly for their orders, we will go ahead with shipment. If you decide you do not like the hardware, we will accept a return on this item for a full refund.

    We'll send tracking information shortly.

  2. I didnt order at FLL, but would prefer the old hardware en style.
  3. Oh no, Darcy - that's bad news for me - I was looking forward to the original, not the new. I haven't had an e-mail from FLL yet - I'll send one tonight and see if that's the case with mine as well. Was yours the June shipment, or the April one? Or?
  4. I had ordered from the original first shipment so I think all bags may be the same. You can call and cancel your preorder if you are not happy with the hardware. I already called and the bag is definately black basketweave and the only difference is the hardware. I am ok with it though because I really like the new light hardware as opposed to the brass but will miss the tassels.
  5. Oh no! I was really looking forward to the old hardware and the BLUE ZIPPER! I think that, the blue just adds a spark of colour and completes the bag.

    Indiaink, my bag is due for the June shipment as well so if you dont mind, can you post here or PM me with the details of the reply? That would be appreciated! Thanks.
  6. ^^ ya i was surprised when the site said that it would be old hardware, because Catalina stated that when they reproduce the bags, like the wine, they use the hardware that is currently in production.

    Sorry ladies! But on the brighter side, its still the basketweave! I think it will be a beauty still ;)
  7. That's how I feel :tup:
  8. That's true, maybe I will like this one even more. I can't wait to see yours Darcy! Also, thank you for the update. :tup:
  9. I couldn't wait, so I e-mailed Lizzy, and this was her reply:


    Yes that is correct. We are trying to confirm that all items will be
    received like this (to make sure they are all the same).

    Once I have that information, I will notify the customers with orders for
    MAB's for 4/15 and all customers with orders for 6/15 MAB and MAM.

    I am hoping to clear this up and just get one message out. I do apologize
    for the complaint, we had inquired about this based on customer inquiries and were told it would be the original cut (blue zipper trim and tassels).

    Obviously for customers that have placed pre-orders, if this hardware is not to their satisfaction we will make an exception to the Pre-order return
    policy as the item is not exactly as was advertised.

    So I'll wait until I hear from her again and probably cancel the order, 'cause I'd rather have the old hardware with tassels, most definitely.

  10. ^Thanks India and Darcy! So does this mean only the people who pre-ordered the first batch of basketweave Mam's has gotten an update that theirs will be shipped this week? I'm so impatient for my Mab. :sad:
  11. The black/basketweave mab/mam is also available at Strange, because the pictures show the old style of mab/mam. But the shipment to FLL is the new style.
  12. Hi ladies. The RM website shoes the mini basketweave with tassels and blue zipper. LL is with the bag. Does that mean if I order from the RM website I will get the old style or new? Does anyone know? Also if its the new without tassels can you order the tassels? Thanks in advance girls.
  13. Mine is from the first batch and is shipping today.:yahoo:
  14. i got the same email too and i was so happy when i read the first sentence. but as i read more into the email i was like ".....what?! new hardware?! *pouts" lol
    but i guess having the black in basketweave is better than not having one at all ;)
  15. You'd have to contact somebody on the RM site to be sure if it's original or new.

    And if it's new, you can't get the tassels. I tried earlier today and Catalina let me know that the new hardware does not work with the tassels, so 'no'. I've got the tangy MAM and I'd LOVE to put tassels on it; guess I'll have to make my own!!!