funky lala codes

  1. hey all - great news!:yahoo:

    i just emailed funky lala for a code and this is what they said....

    "Thanks for contacting us. We are currently undergoing a new update to our site regarding discount codes. Within the next two weeks we expect to launch an addition to our check-out whereby customers will be able to enter and apply discount codes prior to check out. We'll be sending out an email to our mailing list as soon as the update is complete - this of course will include our first set of discount codes. So please join our list! (To join the list, just go to and enter your email address on the menu at the bottom where it says 'Join the List'. Follow the link and instructions and you'll be on the list).

    Please let me know if I can assist you further,

    i can't wait!
  2. oh wow! thanks for posting this. i just joined their list.
  3. me too!
  4. Wow! I can't believe that! It's about time they listened!
  5. Thanks! They're finally catching up to the rest of the internet!
  6. Doing a happy dance!!!! :tup::woohoo:
  7. finally! can't wait to purchase something rm from them...they have all the colours i want available!
  8. ^The colors for which bags?
  9. they're not giving out codes before the update is made, but you can email them your wishlist (that's what they said when i asked). i heard matinees for sure are getting a code and gryson too. soooooooooooooooooooo excited.
  10. matinee blue with light grey suede, black with blue, and morning after in grey. they have the nicest colour selection that i have found online. and its free shipping to canada!
  11. Has anyone seen codes yet?
  12. Thanks, I just post myself on their mailing list!!
  13. Thanks! Just joined the mailing list. Can't wait for the codes~