Funky jewelry from Right in the Family Jewels

  1. For those of you that like DIY jewelry and unique styles, this girl makes awesome jewelry at reasonable prices. I ordered the cupcake necklace in pink this weekend, it should be arriving soon!

    She also makes a necklace that says "brutal", which I'll be ordering after I get the cupcake. You can pick what chain you want the necklace on, what color you want the charm to come in, etc.

    Just wanted to share, I hope someone finds her stuff cool and orders something - enjoy! :nuts:
  2. oooh i should get one of those funky teeth necklaces for my friend who's starting hygenist school this month!

    very cool. thanks for sharing.
  3. LOL :lol: Cool idea.

    You're welcome! Just promoting some underground/indie artists who do super work :nuts:
  4. There's a strange emphasis on teeth, amongst her stuff -- but it is so cute!! Imagine having a sweater with tooth buttons!! (??)
  5. Cute stuff. Reminds me a lot of Lee Riot/White Trash Charms.
  6. The tooth! perfect for my assistant job at the dentist office! and my friend would love the dinosaur..
  7. I like the cupcake! I'll probably get it eventually, I have a bunch of things I want first lol but thanks Cristina, it's adorable!
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