Funky Chanel Earrings *pics*

  1. Keys retail for $230. Globes retail for $455.

  2. Cute! The keys are funky!
  3. How cute! Love the globes!
  4. wow, those are fun. i love the globes.
  5. I love the globes! The keys remind me too much of Janet Jackson when (back in the 80's) she wore a huge hoop earring with a full-sized key on it. :shrugs:
  6. ooh they're both cute =) i like the keys..hehe.
  7. Oh, I love them. They're so cute!!
  8. How Cute!! Love The Globes
  9. Very cute. Thanks for sharing. =)
  10. The globe earrings are really cute! Thanks for posting!
  11. I love them!! :heart:
  12. those keys are adorable! Also cute for V-day!
  13. love the earrings adorable
  14. Very cute
  15. Lovely!! Great purchase...enjoy them!!!