Fungus in Chanel bags.

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  1. After reading this thread: and just taking out my Chanel flap from my closet from storing it for a couple of months got me so paranoid. I'm already a paranoid person, but this feeds my paranoia even more. Does storing it in the dust bag in my closet create fungus? I know it's a stupid question, but I need reassurance and the facts lol. I haven't even really used this bag yet either. I'm checking the lining of the bag, touching it etc and there's no residue or junk from the lining that went on my fingers so it looks good so far I think... And how does fungus get into handbags anyway? Anyone know?
  2. I would not worry about it unless your home is really stuffy and hot OR you are storing food in your bag!!! I just read that post and got totally grossed out but I think if you take care of your bags, it's probably very rare that this would happen!! I have some very old vintage Chanels, and while they may have attracted some natural dirt over the years, they definitely do not have any mold!!!
  3. Well my house isn't stuffy, but my room is stuffy and hot over the summer (not winter though), but I try not to keep my closet stuffy. Should I worry?
  4. Maybe put one of those silicon packets in the bag? I don't think you should worry unless you tend to store liquids or food in your bag and did not clean it properly before storing it.

    BTW, I also checked all my bags after reading that thread. Very scary.
  5. I posted to that thread and even had experience with a Vuitton bag hit with the bad mold. Fungi is found in the air but needs a suitable environment with adequate food source or moisture in order for it to survive and reproduce. It likes dark enclosed places with moisture. If your bag has no food source or fresh water damage or stored in a humid place or room near a leaky roof, you should not have a problem. If you don't use your bag often and stored it inside your dust bag or box, place a fresh silica gel pack inside the bag and in the box (if you use it for storage) to absorb moisture and make the environment unsuitable for fungi to survive. Replace the silica gel pack periodically.
  6. If you live in a humid climate or have a warm closet where you store your bags, try DampRid
  7. just read that other thread.. how scary is that
  8. If any of you ever come across this fungi problem, spray Lysol, it kills everything. However, once the leather is damaged, it's scared for life.
  9. I would assume it comes when moisture is involved somehow so bags in dustbags should be just fine. I had no idea fungus could grow in bags until I saw that thread, so I don't think it's a very common problem
  10. I was following that thread as well and those bumps/craters were horrible!

    I live in a humid climate, so is it best to store the bags inside their dustbags only and place desiccant packs inside the bag and in the dustbag?
  11. I never would have been worried about mold- but now I am:P Good to know that it is possible.... I didn't know those little gel packs actually served a purpose lol
  12. oh wow. :wtf: is your home humid?
  13. I have spent the past hour reading through this...what the heck! Its making me freak out and I feel really badly for that buyer (not that it doesn't stink for the seller, but good grief, what bad luck!)
  14. i guess this fungus problem is more common for humid countries especially us in Asia. Even within Singapore itself (where I stay),some areas are more humid than the rest. So whilst my sister and I (living separately but within the same neighbourhood) have problems with moulds growing on dry bags and clothes, friends from other neighbourhood never had any of this problem.

    So the only way to go is, air the room regularly, air the bags and use dehumidifiers to remove moist from the air. My bags are dry and clean when I place them in the dustbags however, I have had 2-3 incidences of mould attacks in the past. But usually, when you clean them away, it should be fine and they do not leave a mark (except when the moulds must have had some chemical reactions with the siliconed sides of my loewe bag straps, this caused some discoloration of the silicones). So far, its been a good year, otherwise i'd feel bad for the new members of the family that I've just bought in Paris. :smile:
  15. Thanks for all the replies everyone! It is very scary lol I'm glad I read that thread. I think I'm going to get damprid and my bag is fine.