Fungi Tote F/W 06

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    Wanted to share my new tote with all members... Love it ....:love:
  2. nice...I have not seen that design which collection is it from? Is it on the Gucci website? Very different...haven't seen them in Canada the charms too..congrats
  3. its SOOOOO CUTE!
  4. oooh i love the mushroom charm!!!
  5. Thanks... !!:yes:

    Its from this Fall Collection... avaliable in 2 sizes... I've bought the smaller size..
  6. I know!!!! The embroidery tooo.... thats what got me hooked !
  7. Wow...nothing like any other Gucci bag I've ever seen!

  8. OMG! That is the cutest embroidery ever! Love it... Where did you find it? at the Gucci boutique or a dept store?
  9. cute!
  10. is that out in the boutique yet? i wanna go and check it out! how cute! i hope that it will come with other designs other than the tote coz i have way too many tote bags!
  11. OMG! Is this available in the states???LOVE THAT BAG!!!YUMMY!!!!:heart:
  12. It've seen it in their official website.. then ordered it from the Gucci boutique in London... there is a long waiting list on this bag...
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    I've seen the same type of embroidery on this shape of bag & the zipper is the same mushroom charm ás my tote... it's also very cute!!!!
  14. Very cute, very unique!
  15. Thanks ....:upsidedown: