Funds on Hold, Dispute on eBay with Buyer! Please Advise!

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  1. Hi all,
    I recently sold a bag last month to somebody on eBay. Out of the blue a week later they give me my first negative without any type of contact. I quickly email them to see if she will remove it with a partial refund. She agrees to it and I send out the Feedback Removal form through eBay. I let her know I would send her a $15 refund after she filled out the form.

    I hear NOTHING from her for a whole week. As many of you know, you have only 7 days to do Feedback Revision. So the deadline for her to change the feedback passed and then a day later she emails me asking for a $50 partial refund! Now, I was given a notification email from eBay the 24 hours before the Feedback Revision form expired so I assume she was given the same. However, she did not get back to me until after the deadline so the negative feedback is now permanent. I was NOT in agreement with her $50 partial refund request.

    Now, she has opened up a dispute on eBay saying that item is SNAD because there are scratches. She has asked for partial refund in return for removal of the negative feedback. However, now that the deadline for that has passed, I assume that it is out of the question. I emailed her politely through the resolution center that I was no longer able to issue a partial refund because she missed the deadline.

    Now, my question is, Paypal has my funds on hold and I have had to transfer money into my Paypal account.

    Will eBay side with her or me if the case is escalated? She specifically states that she wants $50 in return for the feedback removal. I'm currently out all of my money and the bag. Can I get screwed over in this case? Can any of you who have been through this experience give some advice?
  2. What she's attempting is feedback extortion and she's not allowed do that. You are not allowed to buy/sell feedback on eBay. Likewise, if the item is SNAD you are not allowed refuse a refund on the basis of her negative feedback so be very careful here.

    If the item is SNAD and she wants a partial refund, that is up to eBay/Paypal.

    Re the negative, which is unfortunately for you a separate issue, IF eBay agree the item was SNAD AND they agree that she was trying to extort you then they MAY look at your feedback.

    If I were in your shoes I would offer a full refund and be done with her.
  3. 5elle,
    Thanks for your advice.

    Is there any way to prove that the bag was SNAD? I had pictures on my listing but this transaction was about a month ago and its very possible that she has used the bag by now. I do not want to issue her a refund and end up with a used bag. In what way will eBay decide whether this is SNAD? She sent me "scratches" of the hardware but I feel like this is something that comes with normal use.

    Are there any preventative measures that I can do here to not receive a used bag back?
    Also, do you have an idea of how eBay will side in this case?
  4. I would offer her a full refund as well and be done with her. Get your item back from her; I feel like this is an extortion scheme.
  5. If you can prove that she does not return it to you in the condition that you SOLD it to her (damn, she's HAD IT A MONTH?!- this looks bad that she IS NOW filing a claim for SNAD scratches), you will get the item, the money, and you can petition to have the feedback removed. Save ALL messages. Document ALL dates. Do your research on the buyer. Due to her long wait to discover these "magical defects" and her seemingly blatant attempt to extort money from you, I would be suspicious that she is full of sh*^ and don't let her get away with it.
  6. AmbrassadorBri,

    Thanks for your input. Will I have to take this up with eBay or Paypal if/when she returns the bag in different condition?

    I read up on some other threads where Sellers have had to file police reports when buyers returned fakes or used items. I will definitely be willing to do it in this case as her purchase and return through eBay is a contract that she must return the bag in the same condition.

    If anybody has any tips as to how to follow up, it would be much appreciated. If anybody has the number I need to call to follow up with eBay/Paypal later down the road it would be very useful. Thanks guys!
  7. ^ Have you called paypal/ ebay yet? If I were you I'd be calling them and telling them this whole story. If you bug them enough chances are they will side with you.. especially if the buyer has had the bag for nearly a month.

    By the way, do you have a lot of pictures of the bag when you listed it? Pictures that show all angles, etc? Do you believe that the buyer is lying or do you think the bag could have been flawed?

    Good luck!
  8. I'd ignore her threats and just respond to eBay about the claim. Let them know she's had the bag a month and is making threats for partial refund.

  9. I have a lot of photos, some of which I did not put up on the listing. But they show the condition of the bag before I shipped it out.

    Now she is claiming I did this damage deliberately, and then pretended to sell her a new bag. I was kind enough to consider that it might have gotten scratched during shipping but she quickly shot me down and accused me of selling her a used bag. This is where my patience runs out.

    She sent me photos of the scratches but I did not see anything of the sort when I shipped the bag out. Again, its *possible* (maybe?) that there was a scratch on the hardware from shipping. But its nothing that she should be demanding $50 for.

    I think with the photos I should have enough evidence though.

    Does anybody have the number for Paypal?
  10. Really??? I didn't think Paypal would ever let you have both the money and the item. Good to know.

    OP, sorry you are in this situation. From the sound of it, the buyer is trying to scam you. Going from $15 to $50 to the item being SNAD over a month after they bought it is ridiculous. I hope you put up a good fight and show paypal that clearly the bag was used in this time frame and developed the scratches which were not in your pictures from the buyer's own use. Good luck!

    Also, on Paypal, continue through the contact us link until they give you a phone number.
  11. A month? Yep. Sorry, OP; you are being taken for a ride. I'm sorry that this buyer has tarnished your feedback history, but at this point I'd just tell her to return the item for a refund and relist it.
  12. I had a similar situation.. What you should do is call ebay sevral times to check up on the status DO NOT WAIT FOR IT TO BE SOLVED ONLINE IF YOU CALL it will make a difference. Talk to the operator and make sure shes looking at the listing, prove that you showed many pictures of the bag etc.. talk to the operator about your pristine feedback until now etc.. And drop the feedback extortion at the end. Explain that shes basically wanting the money back and creating this whole situation. She had a whole month.. why now? If you call and point out all of these.. you will probably win the case.
    but call several times to follow on the situation.
  13. nmserrano,
    do you mind going a bit into the details of your case and how it was resolved? thanks for the advice. i will be calling paypal today. =)
  14. Just an update!

    She escalated it to eBay customer service today. Before she did it, I clearly stated again what had happened. I offered her $15 as compensation for the scratches and consideration of removal of the negative feedback. She quickly came back at me with $50 refund for removal of negative. I explained that she was trying to use feedback extortion and has had the bag for about a month now.

    eBay decided on a resolution within 5 hours. They messaged me that they had decided in my favor! :yahoo: I'm very thankful because I know how much power they give the buyer. The hold is now off my funds in Paypal and I am finally done with her.

    I will be contacting eBay to see if they are willing to remove the negative feedback since she did it with a malicious intent. Thanks for all of your help girls!
  15. CONGRADS! I am so happy to hear this resolution. There was something fishy about the buyer, and I am glad that you did not have to bend for this one. I hope that they are going to remove the feedback. It was wrong of her to leave that for you and then try to extort you for $$$. I wish you well, and good luck!