Funds being withheld by paypal dispute?

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  1. Quick question - I sold an item and was late in sending it due to illness :tdown: The item was paid for on Oct 27 and I shipped it yesterday, all the time notifying the buyer via email. Anyway, she filed a dispute for nonreceipt of item today thru paypal (it was an ebay transaction). So now over $1k of my $ is being held and I can't touch it. I provided all the tracking info to the buyer both by email and on the paypal dispute page.

    Thankfully I sent w/delivery confirmation and insurance. I asked the buyer to close the dispute as I have proof I sent it but she won't until she receives it. And of course I need that $$$! I called paypal and they assure me that as soon as I have proof the package was delivered that I can get my funds back but they said it can take up to 30 DAYS?!? How can that be when they can see the item was received?

    My fear is that the buyer might try to get out of having the funds released to me at all - maybe by saying the purse wasn't as stated in the auction or something??? I asked Paypal and they confirmed that she cannot do that - that only if the package wasn't *received* would the buyer have any recourse against me.

    Can anyone tell me if this is correct? I'm very concerned as it's a LOT of $ being held.

    Thank you!
  2. As far as I know, your buyer cannot file 2 disputes for the same transaction. So she will not be able to file not as described. I'd keep an eye on the tracking and notify paypal as soon as you find out it's been delivered.
  3. Paypal states that once a dispute is open it can't be changed.

    However there are people who say they will change it.

    As far as the 30 days goes, paypal is pretty good about it only taking a couple of days once it is shown delivered....I think they say 30 days in case there is an unforseen problem.
  4. As long as you can prove to paypal that it was delivered then everything would be fine.
  5. Ok girls thanks! I contacted the buyer today and she's being unreasonable, saying that she wants to make sure the purse is as described, like I'm trying to screw her over or something. I HATE EBAY!!!!!!!! I'm sure if this girl thought she could file a dispute for "not being as described" she would. All I want is my $ back. I actually told her I'd rather have the purse back and refund her than go through this. What a nightmare. I never learn with paypal! I should have pulled the funds immediately.
  6. I understand your frustration but she's doing exactly what we tell other buyers here when it happens to them.
  7. I hope it all works out for you. If the purse was that expensive she may have become worried that she would not receive anything when there was a delay in shipping. Even if you contacted her, I still would have been worried with that much money spent on a bag. so hopefully once she receives the bag she will be happy, your money will be returned and everything will be fine.
  8. Hi Twinklette, They are holding funds to repay her in the case that the item is not received. They will track it I believe so she cant lie about receiving it. If she were to try to make another claim it would be independent of this one and your funds would have been released by then. Moi et mes sacs xx
  9. As soon as that money goes back into your Paypal account I would transfer it out into your bank just in case she files a SNAD claim she won't be taking your money. I hope you took pictures of the item before you sent it.
  10. good luck! paypal SUCKS with that stuff. I lost $ on 2 items recently. AND i had delivery confirmation and such. ba$tards.