Fund Azur for a Denim Baggy PM?

  1. :rolleyes: Yesterday I went to LV Boutique and I was trying on a Denim Baggy PM. It looks great better than I expected. I want it loads but lastly did not get it home as I think the patchwork speedy will look better and I reserved for one.:sweatdrop:

    Yesterday evening one of my friend offered me to buy my Azur Speedy for 280 (retail 300 pounds). He told me that he couldn't find one and he will give it to his mom. I have rarely used it and it's still in super mint condition. I didn't say OK but I think about it. :shame:

    Is it OK to let the AZUR go to fund for a denim Baggy PM? As I have no money to go for both patchwork (as I might have to pay if I will get one at 880 pounds) and Baggy PM.

    Anyway, if I got 280, I have to pay 320 extra for the baggy PM and I think it should be OK.

    Any suggestions???

    ** If I get a patchwork speedy, I will have 3 speedies altogether ( Mini Lin, AZUR, and Patchwork)....So should I sell AZUR? :push: I don't want loads of bag in the same style. Anyway, AZUR is fresh and stunning!
    ** I want a shoulder bag so Denim suits my need but you know yesterday at the boutique they are only a 3 denim bags on the display and they are at the basement. Noting Denim display of ground floor!!! :sad: . Will it be outdated anytime soon?
    ** I love AZUR and it looks so cute but I hate the way patina change to be darker. So I might hate it in th future.

    Any ideas ??? ...... ,Please. I have lot of problems many time when plan to get a new bag. I don't ask for any comments from many friends and I'm afraid that they will think that am showing off. After I find this forum I feel sooooo good that I can have lot of people here giving ideas and suggestions. I LOVE PF :heart:

  2. It's hard to say because you know what you like best. But I personally like azur better than denim. But if you don't want three speedy's then go for the denim. Also azur is permanent right? Where as denim is not.
  3. Normal Denim is a permanent line :supacool: I think.
    But it has launched for a big while so wonder if it will worth to pay now. That's why my money goes for patchwork first.
  4. If you're going to get the blue denim baggy its permanent so i'd wait and keep your azur.
  5. I would go for the baggy pm - - - - as you can see below, it's my favorite bag!
  6. :sleepy:
  7. It is funny that you post this because I love the Baggy PM but it is a new love of mine! I have the Green Baggy GM and it is a great bag for summer, spring and fall for my very casual lifestyle. I wonder if I should get the Baggy PM as well.

    To me, no contest, sell the Azur, buy the Baggy PM and wait and see on the patchwork... sometimes, IRL, bags look so different.

    Good luck!
  8. I would wait to see if you like the patchwork....if you don't you could use that money for the Baggy PM and keep your Azur to boot. I guess you need to decide if you LOVE you Azur. If not then I think you answered your question.
  9. I would keep the Azur, especially as your friend is not willing to offer you what you paid for it. Did you have to pay any tax on it?

    They are hard to find and if you want to sell it, then I'd sell it for at least what you paid for it.

    I love the Azur. I'd keep it and get the Denim.
  10. I would go for the baggy PM...if you like the bag so much...go for it.
  11. Baggy PM... so hot! I love mine!!
  12. I like the azur better than the denim, but at the end it is your own choice!
  13. Very tough choice, but I would go for the baggy pm because:

    1.) After you get the patchwork speedy, you will already have multiple speedys like you said. The baggy pm would add a shoulder bag to your collection.
    2.) I agree that I'm not sure how nice the azur will look with patina. It looks gorgeous with white vachetta, but it may not age well.
  14. ITA
  15. Get the baggy denim pm it's so cute!