Function over Fashion? Help me decide!


Which one should I purchase?

  1. Black Caviar Medallion Tote - it's functional and cute!

  2. Black Caviar Medium Flap - it's a classic!

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  1. So I'm looking to purchase another Chanel handbag and I'm undecided on what my next one should be. I love the functionality and trendiness of the Black Medallion Tote but I'm also drawn to the classiness and chicness of the black medium flap.

    I don't carry a ton on a daily basis (MJ zippered long wallet, LV pochette makeup bag, phone, etc) but I feel even this might be too much for the flap.

    So what do you think ladies? Function over fashion or suck it up and carry less?

    Thank you!
  2. I voted for the medium flap.. I think it is just as versatile and can be functionally ..
  3. Since you have another Chanel tote, I voted for the medium flap! I do think you will need to cut back on what you carry though to fit into the flap.
  4. i think the flap is too small for everyday use i can only get my chanel wallet, keys, phone and lipstick in my medium flap! my vote is for the Tote:tup:
  5. I vote for the tote as I always over pack. When I use my med tote I can carry the daily essentials without a problem. When I carry my Jumbo flap- its a struggle to keep my things in the big jumbo.
    But you did say you dont carry much so a flap is good for you unless you want to use it everyday..hmm
  6. I'm a flap addict myself. But you won't be able to carry all your usual stuff in a medium classic. If what you're looking for is a bag to carry daily, then I have to say go tote. If it's a bag you want for special occasions, I say flap give some thought to lambskin. Black is easier to take care of than a lighter color lamb. It can be sent back to be freshened up once it loses that new look. It's so elegantly gorgeous -- soft, sensuous to the touch and the smell -- no wonder I'm addicted!! :smile:
  7. If you love it, you'll find a function for it, so I'd say fashion over function. And then Make It Work! ^_^
  8. I voted for the medium flap :smile:
  9. I find the Medallion Tote too hard to get in/out of personally.
    I carry a long wallet and my hand and the wallet don't seem to fit well enough to get in/out as easy or as fast as I like.
    The handle drop length is also not quite as long as I like, especially in the winter.
    Okay, don't fall out of your chairs, you all know I'm not a Classic Flap gal, but
    I'd go for the Flap for this reason even though I'm a tote girl at heart.:biggrin:
  10. I voted for the flap. easy to carry, timeless in looks, always looks stylish.
  11. I voted for the tote. You might be able to fit more inside the tote espec w/ the LV m/u pouch.
  12. i vote for flap!! and go with jumbo!! :tup:
  13. Function rules for me. So I'd vote for a tote. For me, I'd rather buy something that I know I will get the most use of, or else, the bag tends to sit on the shelf in my closet.
    Good luck, both are great bags, you can't go wrong with either one.
  14. Go With The Flap!!
  15. i love flaps, so i vote for the flap!