Fun with photoshope

  1. i am officaly bored. here i am while pursebloggin. I realize I look like my avatar.
  2. okay.. cant post photos either. whats going on?
  3. put the wine glass down Hon. . .
    that is if you're even bothering to use one! LOL!

    My DH is out of town too.
  4. seriously, I havent had a drop in about 20 minutes! really, what could I be doing wrong?>
    I have these weird "
    " things instead of the usual quote thingys...
  5. LMAO~ 20 minutes? Then you're good to go!

    I don't know. . . did you use Manage Attachments and then Upload?
  6. yeup. do you think vlad may have done something to me just in case?
  7. I can't even click on the attachement icon. it won't work
  8. no . . . Vlad hasn't messed w/ you, but maybe you need to clear your cache/files and shut your PC down and start it back up?
    That fixes a lot of my PC's issues.
  9. oh. will do.
  10. head.jpg

    yea! here it is! now what was my point????
  11. Is that you?? That ceiling light.. looks like a mace. Kinda well positioned in that pic, lol!
  12. thats me. I couldn't adjust the lighting. maybe i try again...
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    This is so funny! I'm on here and about to go to sleep but can't get off .... just keep flitting from thread to thread. I'm addicted ... we should have a purseforum anonymous! :P :yes:
  14. HAHAHAHAHA that picture is great... but why did you remove your eyeballs?!
  15. LOL I'm bored too. Everyone should just start taking pictures and posting them.