Fun with Kathy

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  1. The other day I was in Dillards with my Bar study buddy because you know, dillards is the best place to study. Anyway, we were looking around in the handbag section for like 3 hours and we kept finding bags by this woman Kathy. Turns out it was Kathy van Zeland. Anyway, we were talking mad poo about Kathy and her obnoxious bags and then I turned the corner to find two SA's sitting on the floor laughing hysterically. Apparently they were enjoying our comments like ohh "Kathy loves leoperds and cows, maybe together" and other things too much to leave their hideout because they were afraid we might stop. Kathy van Zeland: Provides laughter in times of need.

    I did see some awesome bags on sale in the coach section which unfortunatly had no cow and leopard finish with rhinestones like Kathy.
  2. You crack me up! :roflmfao: Poor Kathy! :smile:
  3. It wasn't me it was Kathy! I mean she has all kinds of things, patent leather with rhinestones and big chains wrapped around the word Kathy. She is literally Out of Control! Somebody has got to stop Kathy, can you imagine if she came out with lingerie? Leopard print with rhinestone eyes on the back and a chain attached to a coin purse hanging down the side. Kathy is too classy for me.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    You sound like my hubby... he HATES Kathy bags... they were on QVC the other day.

    You can also find them at Maxx/Marshalls for next to nothing.

    My dad's gf has one... :throwup: She wears it with her obnoxious fake blond hair, nasty red lipstick, and her huge, outrageous fake jewelry. She calls it her "expensive, classy bag" too. :wacko:

    Can you feel the :heart: I have for my father's gf? :yes:
  5. those bags are just gross. what are they, plastic? and they are like $100!
  6. I am roflmbo at this thread! I have seen the Kathy bags at TJMaxx and they are indeed frightening. I had to laugh because at my old job, my boss and I would go out shopping together during lunch and we would frequently make fun of the more hideous items available-clothing, shoes, handbags, whatever. Often, random other shoppers would laugh at our sarcasm and snarkiness. Looking back, I guess we could have insulted someone if they liked something that we were making fun of but I don't recall that ever happening.
  7. there is waaaaay too much going on on those bags, scary!

    I'm not against lesser bags (nine west, tommy hilfiger, fossil, etc), it's what I carried before I could afford coach and they still have some good solid styles, but oy! Kathy is quite something, they're awful!
  8. hilarious! you and I would have a blast together!!

    i really can't stand those kathy van zeeland bags, they are just tacky!! Some of the older ones were kinda cute, but then I don't know what the heck happened!
  9. man Kathy is a killer. that stuff is awe inspiring. if i get back to dillards i'll take some shots of me and my friend doing kathy glamor shots.
  10. Those bags are funny looking.

    Here we call them FLASH-TRASH!!!!!
  11. Hey!! Kathy's my mom!!

  12. I hate KVZ bags. Most of the ones on the racks are gnarly messes.
  13. :wtf: I hope your taste is better than your mom's LOL.

  14. On dear! My condolences!! :rolleyes: ;)

    I was in Macy's last week with my parents. My mom was getting a bag (MK) and my dad and I were standing in front of a Kathy display. My Dad looks at me and said "Promise me, if your mother ever buys one of those bags you will hide it or burn it!" LOL Chains, buckles, tassles-they look like midieval torture devices!! :wtf:
  15. ITA. The bags are covered in cheap, gaudy materials and sell for $100 or more. Way overpriced imo.