Fun ways to tie a scarf.....

  1. Lovely ideas Rose in addition to what is on the Hermes website. Thanks for sharing. Here in South Florida it is only now cooling off enough to wear scarfs - Yeah!!!
  2. Yes, I love the the manual on the Hermes website too!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for sharing, Rose! Those are some great ideas and much needed instructions too, lol!
  5. This is great.

    Thanks Rose.
  6. Many thanks Rose,
    i wore today a fitted shirt with the men-tie like scarf and got soooo many complimnents!!!!
  7. thanks rose! i've marked them all in my favorites!
  8. Rose,
    Thank so very much this is simply wonderful. I will print and add it to my print off from the Hermes site.
  9. You're welcome girls, I am having so much fun with my scarves!
  10. Oh thank you!!! Always looking for new ways to tie my scarfs!