Fun way to lose weight...a trampoline!

  1. Okay so we got a trampoline a few weeks ago for my son!

    Who would have known it was such a FABULOUS work-out. It's something my son and I can do together and it's crazy fun! For the first few days I was sore but now I am more used to it. I have lost a few pounds already! It's excellent cardio!! I highly recommend it! :yes:
  2. :yes: Trampolining is a really good exercise because so many mucsles are used durring it this means more calories burnt and more toning plus good for the joints as less stress on them. so many pluses!! Congrats on your fun weight loss keep up the good work
  3. Sounds like a fun idea! Might have to visit my little cousins more often LOL
  4. Just be sure to wear a good sports bra!:nuts: LOL!

    I love jumping on a trampoline. I was actually looking at those mini exercise trampolines at the sporting goods store the other day. If I could have fit it into my trunk, I would have bought one!
  5. I have one of those mini trampolines. I just need to put the little legs on it. It's been sitting there gathering dust. :sad:
  6. LOL I am so paranoid I actually wear TWO bras! :roflmfao:

    I don't know if the smaller trampolines would be as fun. Ours is 12 feet and its cool because I can fall onto my booty and knees, do the splits in the air, bounce my son, do little flips (well, okay I am still working on this one). LOL This one did fit in my Dh's car when we bought it FYI. :graucho:
  7. Do you actually have to do different moves or can you just jump up and down to lose weight? I love trampolines but am totally afraid of getting a foot caught in a spring or something! We used to have a mini trampoline but it wasn't very bouncy.
  8. You could DEFINATELY still lose weight just by jumping. It's harder than it looks! But I just do the tricks because it's more fun! LOL

    Also, we got a pad that covers the springs so no worries about getting a foot caught!:nuts:
  9. Thanks for the info Syntagma! It all sounds so exciting - am sooo wanting a trampoline now. Imagine what the neighbours will think if they see my flying above the fence :p
  10. LOL we are still waiting for our new neighbors on either side of us to move in and I am sure they will be wondering why a grown woman is on a trampoline! Got to admit though it's kinda cool being able to see in everyone's backyards! :graucho: LOL

    But it makes me laugh for some reason. I feel like a kid on it and I am sweaty when I get off of it without even realizing all the work I am putting into it! That's awesome! LOL

    Also a tip, I do it at dusk so it's light enough to see but not toooo hot! UGh I can't handle the heat when the sun is high!
  11. Oh, I'm sure it wouldn't be! :smile: Man, I need a bigger car!
  12. We had a big trampoline in our backyard just before we moved. It was good times, I loved it!! Except we'd all get drunk and jump on it haha not quite the same effect, but still tons of fun nonetheless! I was skinnier back then... lol
  13. I've heard that these are great for work outs but I've never tried it........Sounds like fun!
  14. Okay, sorry to rain on you parade guys... but don't you think jumping on a trampoline exacerbates sagging of one's face?
  15. That sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I had a big backyard where I could put one.