Fun to try: 6 Degrees of separation

  1. So I saw the commercial for that new TV show and thought in my head who I was connected to. Can you guys connect yourself by 6 degrees of separation (or less) to someone famous?

    Here's mine:

    1. I had an undergraduate psychology advisor
    2. She has a daughter who works at Lionsgate films in Hollywood
    3. She personally knows Tom Hanks

    Only 3 degrees of separation from me to Tom Hanks.
  2. 1. I have BF of almost 6 years.
    2. His godfather has a brother.
    3. His son was the founder of Snapfish (I think that's what it's called).

    Not a movie star but eh, as famous as I can go unless it's a celebrity in the Philippines:

    1. My classmate was Bianca Gonzales back in high school (she's a celebrity in the Philippines).
  3. 1. I went to school with Charlize Theron.
  4. 1.) Sister-in-law's younger sister
    2.) Went to school with Josh Hartnett's younger brother
    3.) Josh Hartnett (obviously)

    I do know several people who supposedly went to the same school as other celebs, but that doesn't necessarily mean they "know" them.
  5. My work friend
    Is married to the first cousin of Flea (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    She says they see him at her husband's grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinners! LOL!!
  6. 1. My DBF had a house in East Hampton.
    2. Jerry Seinfeld lives in East Hampton.
  7. 1. My friend from college
    2. has a boyfriend
    3. who is the nephew of Hugh Laurie (guy from the TV show House)

    1. This same friend from college
    2. used to be the personal assistant for Hilary Swank

    1. I went to college with Jessica Biel and some guy who used to be in the boyband "Dreamstreet"

    1. One of my friends from high school
    2. is friends with Natalie Portman (from her college days @ Harvard)
  8. 1.My dad has a friend
    2.Who is a bodyguard for Sandra Bullock.
  9. 1. I had a 5th grade english teacher
    2. Who went to school with Daryl Oats (woohoo! LOL)
  10. 1. My uncle is Leo Valdez (he's a singer in the Philippines)
    2. My uncle above worked with Lea Salonga (also a singer in the Philippines)
  11. 1 - my sister's boyfriend
    2 - has a stepmom
    3 - who went out with Keanu Reeves

    1 - in elementary school, I used to help out a kindergarten lunch teacher
    2 - who's husband
    3 - was Curtis Joseph's brother (from the NHL)

  12. 1. My Mom
    2. Works with a lady
    3. Whose daughter was a personal assistant to Mel Gibson (years ago)

    I'm still trying to connect myself to Brad Pitt somehow lol
  13. My cousin's grandparents are(were? I think somebody died) best friends with Robin William's parents.

    Oh, I guess I did it wrong.

    1. Cousin's grandparents (Whom I know)
    2. Are friends of the parents of
    3. Robin Williams

    1) Mom went to school with
    2) KATO KHALIN lol (of the whole OJ fame)
  14. 1. my friend keri
    2. has a friend linda who worked as a stylist for halle berry

    1. my friend linda (different linda from the linda above)
    2. one of her cousins is either a designer for or helped found Rock & Republic (not sure if this one counts.. but to denim junkies it might :P )
  15. 1. I work with.....
    2. a girl whose...
    3. cousin went to school with Christina Aguilera