Fun thread! What are you carrying?

  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening, all! I thought I'd post a fun/silly thread today so nobody laugh at me, I'm just curious...

    What Coach bag are you carrying today? What's your newest obsession?

    Tell us!

    I'll start off... I'm carrying my Signature Multi-Stripe Demi and matching Mini-Skinny, with a couple of charms (an S and a Heart) and my red Coach Trigger Snap Keyfob all clipped to the bag.

    Let's hear what you're carrying today!
  2. Hi,

    I've been tied to my khaki/chocolate braided signature hobo (6279) for some time now. I wear a lot of brown, and I just love this bag. It's large enough for a notebook and other goodies, and the zipper keeps things from flying out of my bag. Plus, I just find a single shoulder strap is much easier to manage.

    I have a new Legacy Leather Slim Flap in my closet, but I don't want to use it until I get some shining monkey for it!
  3. Large black leather Carly, punch minni skinny, and my sig checkbook wallet, oh, and my brand new super long pink pony tail scarf!
  4. Super fun! My flint suede book tote, rainy day key chain, pear hobo with solid perfume and my legacy agenda. Oh and my grasshopper cell phone lanyard along with my stripe wristlet. Completely forgot about those.... oops....:yes:
  5. I have my black leather hamptons signature stripe, the breast cancer key chain, a daisy cell lanyard, and my 6x8 sig/rose agenda.
  6. AimeeSully:

    Your Pear Soho Hobo is gorgeous. It is the color of the inside of an avocado, absolutely lovely. Wear it in good health.

  7. Black soho pocket tote. W/clover charm.
  8. If y'all have them, please :yes:
  9. My Cotton Carly in Chocolate chopped full of Coach accessories because I'm anal about matching my stuff. ;P
    Legacy Sripe Coin Purse Wristlet
    Legacy Stripe Zip Wristlet
    Coach Sunglasses
    Coach Legacy Stripe Umbrella
    Coach Scribble Cosmetic Case
    Coach Checkbook Holder

  10. heheh..WAY too much Coach...

    Shoulder tote in khaki/chestnut
    soho signature wristlet in khaki/chestnut
    multifunction wallet in gold optic lurex
    medium cosmetics case in khaki/gold
    silver trigger snap keyfob
    fruit-charm cell lanyard
  11. I'm carrying my Signature Soho Flap in Khaki/Mahogany Signature with my "T" Charm today, :biggrin:.
  12. Purple mini sig duffle, Legacy natural color french wallet, metallic purple mini, scarf print wristlet, multi gusset card holder and ergo key chain.
  13. My Soho large signature flap. It's raining like the dickens out there!!! Plus the soho sig mini skinny - which is always in my bag.
  14. i am carrying my large hamptons watercolor tote, with my Vera Java Blue zip around wallet, the medium sig and punch beauty case, Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and case, and the watercolor mini skinny!
  15. Pond shoulder bag with ergo scarf print scarf tied on, legacy stripe frame wallet, sig and gold medium makeup case, black Coach Alicia sunglasses