fun surprise in the mail last week...

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  1. I expected this package, but didn't realize how eye-popping the color would be....
  2. Is there a pic? LOL

  3. thats cruel
  4. OMG, mercenary! Where's the strip-joy this am??:P
  5. I just got my wisdom teeth pulled...Not much joy this morning.
  6. ^^^OUCH. I'm sorry TRL.

    OK, guess I'll just splat er on out there :P

    Allow me to introduce my bright new Rouge H chamonix 31 Bolide:




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  7. WOW! How gorgeous, congratulations, wonderful colour
  8. Im getting mine pulled in October...Does it hurt? Do I need painkillers? Valium anyone??
  9. Back to Topic...

    OMG...NOW That's a beautiful Bolide. Love the Color Rouge H and leather...So Smooth!!

    Congratulations. Enjoy it!

    I love Reds..Rouge H, Garance, Vermillion...It's an all season color!! Good Choice GURL!!

  10. WoW! That's breathtaking! Congrats!

    H.O. I seriously got them pulled like an hour ago..So my mouth is still numb with the anesthetic. I have vocodin and a less powerful pain killer so I don't think I'll be in too much pain ::crossing fingers::. I'll keep you updated
  11. Wow! That *is* fun!!! What a gorgeous Bolide! I adore the white contrast stitching - it just makes the Rouge H POP!:nuts:
  12. gorgeous katel!! Enjoy -- you are one bolide queen!!!
  13. Katel! Another beeeeautiful Bolide!!!! Congratulations! I love it!
  14. That is the definitely one of the most beautiful Bolides I've seen on Purse Forum.
  15. Simply gorgeous.
    The sailboat cadena looks fabulous too.