Fun, stuffed, cheap charms for birkins

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Fun, stuffed, cheap, non H charms for your bag?

  1. Yea, I think they're cute and bring more fun to the bag

  2. Yikes, hate them! H charms only..

  3. I dunno, I like my bags plain

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  1. K girls, let's admit that my insomnie is killing me tonite. It is now 6AM and I haven't close my eyes for a second! :angel:

    I was looking at the Asian women with birkins thread, and I came across a pic which tuleh posted (see first attachment) about an Asian girl with some cute charms hanging from her birkins.

    I found a red bear key chain which I bought at some airport a long time ago, and I put it on my thalassa birkin just for fun. I think I also remember seeing pics of Kate Moss with her white and red birkins with some stuffed animal charms :love:

    Be brutal, be honest, do you think it's ugly or do you think these lil cheap charms bring more fun to the bag? Gimme your honest to the bone opinion ladies, don't sugarcoat them aight ;)

    I personally like it, my pegasus charm is taking a much needed break for now, hehehe..

    ps: sorry about the ugly watermark sign, I aint got no Photoshop install yet in this laptop.
    chick.JPG CIMG0837.jpg CIMG0841.jpg CIMG0842.jpg
  2. I'm sure it's just me but those particular charms cheapen the bag. I like Hermes' annual silver pall. or gold charms best.
  3. Can you tell I'm really bored and dunno what to do? I want to sleep but cant! Damn! :shame:
  4. Do what you love but I agree that they cheapen the bag in big way- but I love the hardware on your birkin! Is it ruthenium?
  5. I can't pull off the fuzzy charms at my age. I like flat, enameled charms the best, about 1-1/2" diameter. They are really key chains. I have an enameled crown with jewels and a #1 Mom blue enameled star. So cute. I also have linked charms, they are french art images under plastic discs.
  6. To be brutally honest, I think it cheapens the bag. But don't feel bad, the ones in the picture are much worse than yours. :lol: I think the Hermes locks (the hippo is darling) are beautiful and whimisical and that's probably as far as I'd go for "cute" on H bags. By the way, that color is gorgeous!

  7. Valley, not sure what kind of hw is that. It's matte, and not shiny like my kelly's. I might go ask my local Hermes next time I come there.

  8. Yea, I guess age has something to do with it. I wear casual a lot and I'm not married yet. I can imagine when I'm older, my taste will change too.

    Still speaking about charms, I also like Juicy Couture 3D charms, I have a cherry one, it's real cute. They are gold, and my birkin and kelly are silver, so right now, I'm putting it on my damier alma.

  9. Dont worry, I told ya you can brutally honest. I'm just doing this for fun, to kill time so to speak :amuse: And no, I dont feel bad by your post :flowers: I adore Hippo too, I want one someday. I usually have the Pegasus hanging, but it's sleeping right now.

  10. The cherry one sounds adorable for your LV.

    Kate Moss has 2 very cute charms on her black birkin and 1 large one on her red birkin... just like the ones you have. Check out the pictures posted by gigi leung of Kate's bags on the Stars and Hermes thread, posts 53-54. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. Sarah,

    I like the little's kinda like when Louis Vuitton had the murakami Panda on it..:biggrin:

  12. Not for me - but have fun with them if you love them!
  13. i love these stuffed cartoon charater or just animals... They makes the bag personal and cuter.
    I have several myself. I will try to post later. LOL
  14. It depends on my mood actually! For casual lunches or shopping, I'll hang something cute like the animal key rings Hermes makes or a cute little Snoopy or Winnie the Pooh :P
  15. I think your red bear is cute and if you change your mind you can always remove it, no harm. do what you like!