Fun stocking stuffer ideas?

Jun 11, 2006
Sephora has the cutest list of gifts under $25 , they have a mini mascara that attaches to your cell phone , it would be really cute for teens or people like me who likes anythng cute and little
oddly, the container store has some of the cutest little stocking stuffer gifts - check it out too!


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Sep 30, 2006
THis year I had so many gifts to give to people, so I couldn't really spend a lot of money so this is what I have used to put in their stockings:

1. ELF makeup - $1 per piece is a good deal
2. Ive browsed the end of the aisles at target for clearances. I've gotten really cute stationary, mints, and other things
3. yves rocher always has things under $1 along with a free gift (blankets, robes, etc...) so I've stocked up
4. samples of perfume or beauty products from sephora, ulta and other makeup stores
5. large candy canes from the grocery store (I got these really huge ones for 69 cents)
6. hand made gifts - I love ac moore and michaels, nothing says you were thinking of them like a personalized gift

basically I always keep a look out for clearances online, you can get some really great stuff for next to nothing

happy holidays lady!


Feb 6, 2006
Orange County
best selling stocking stuffers from my store:
magic 8 ball, 20Q game, book of secrets, rubiks cube, mini etch-a-sketch, mini magna-doodle, "secret" journal books, play-doh party packs, lincoln logs, whoopee cushion (self inflatable!!), emergency coffee, emergency chocolate, survival kit in a tin-can, digital photo keychain, iPod quick-charger, halitosis meter, alcohol detector..

my personal faves are chapstick (cuz i always lose mine!! gah!) and gift cards to like AE or in-n-out! YUM!


Feb 1, 2006
Alchol detector!! I LOVE THAT!! lol (my mom might
So far I have gotten her...tweezerman tweezers, files, Luggage tags with her info monogramed on them, a Stamp with return address on it (for bills) She totally cleaned me out of all my perfume samples last week and I had intended to use those! lol Thanks for all the ideas all!


May 28, 2007
For my niece and nephew I'm buying them cute little toys (from the Christmas aisle at Target)..they have awesome stocking stuffers for kiddos. For my SO I'm putting his favorite chocolate candies and a couple gift cards (one from Best Buy and the other from Radio Shack)...hope he puts gift cards in mine as well. :P


Nov 14, 2007
Some things that I have receive and loved:
-bath and body mini lotions
-Burt's bee's lip balm 3 packs
-sephora gift card
-abercrombie leg warmers and mittens
-cute pens
-starbucks mugs


Feb 17, 2006
Sunshine, I shall try not to flood this excellent thread too much :smile:

Some fave sellers

stilettoheights - pocket mirror

WoodCraftsandCandles - magnet

BellisStudios letterpress notecards (proceeds from this sale goes to help abandoned wild creatures - raccoons, bunnies, squirrels etc):

Prossackdesigns - stained glass series bookmark

endlesswhimsy (member of EtsyforAnimals, 10% of proceeds goes to animal charities) - tiny sculptures of cats

RunAliceRun - magnets

Good reception from teenagers:

mincingmockingbird magnets

Sep 30, 2007
VA (DC Burbs)
I was JUST talking with my son about this last night. He's 11 and is a really good kid (he's used to getting "stuff" but knows that not everyone gets such things and he doesn't take it for granted... he also knows other kids probably get more "stuff")

So, I was just telling him last night how stockings have changed since I was a kid. When I was little, our "stocking" was a big wool sock - a TRUE stocking! LOL In the foot there was a big red delicious apple (and I never have liked red delicious apples), a HUGE orange, peanuts in shells, then m and ms loose in with the peanut shells! LOL, a couple Christmas peanut butter cups (reeses) a lifesaver storybook (like said above) and probably Hershey's Kisses and a tall candy cane. The same EVERY year. When we got to high school age, we would get a little gift in it and I mean LITTLE... like a single lip gloss, or mascara.

For my family, I probably spend $200 every year. Partly because my husband is from Europe and can't stand American chocolate and my son readily agrees that Euro. chocolate is better. So, I buy some nice Swiss chocolates, giradelli hot cocoa mixes, a marzipan pig (my joke for being from Iowa and it's a traditional gift to give Marzipan in a stocking where DH is from), that Terry's orange as mentioned above, and always a small gift wrapped up. This year I got my son a wind-up mini flashlight and my husband a bigger version wind up flashlight. For the toddler, I'll get him some appropriately aged action figure or something like that. I always have to do my stockign for myself too, so I'll probably get myself some makeup or something.

We spend as much on our stockings as we do on the rest of the presents! This year our older son is getting a chemistry set and a remote controlled tarantula and our younger son is getting a toy vacuum and perhaps a toy farm or firehouse.


Feb 4, 2007
I was just thinking about this as well... and I have to figure out some little things for my hubby and my 2 year old...
Apr 28, 2007
One thing I could always count on every Christmas in my stocking was the Lifesaves Storybooks. My mom loved those for some reason lol
Your Mom must be around my age! I'm 41. Lifesavers Storybooks were the most popular gift exchange gift when I was in elementary school. I think it's the packaging. They are so cute. I bought one for my kids last year and they didn't think it was all that neat. They still make me happy.

My kids know that they will get gold coin chocolates in their stockings. I always did as a kid.