Fun stocking stuffer ideas?

  1. From cheap to your ideas!!!!:nuts:
  2. My mom always stuffs my stocking with gift cards, nail polish, chapstick (in fun flavors or colors) and sometimes

    I think that stockings can be really fun if you want them to be! I love searching through mine to see what else my mom puts in there. Sometimes she will put make-up in there too!
  3. I love stockings too!!! Im trying to think of some really fun things to put in my moms...
  4. purse size perfumes, a mag subscription(it usually has an attached card you can give to a friend), travel size make up brushes, bejeweled hair pins from claires :biggrin:, the receiver's fave candy/mints/gum...cute earphones, cute keychains...
  5. Lip glosses!
  6. All the ones I get have already been mentioned ... nail polish, lip glosses, magazines, socks. I also like nail files and lottery tickets. One year I won $40 from a scratch-off ticket!

    And of course, anything chocolate.
  7. yeah!! Lottery!
  8. those little handheld electronic boardgames, juicy couture charms and coach keychains.
  9. Ugh - I hate stocking stuffers!! I always end up spending 100+ on stocking stuff!!

    Handheld electronic games like soduko
    playing cards
    lint brush
    little picture frames
    fun jewelry
    good tweezers
    whistle (good for women/girls to have just in case)
  10. iTunes gift cards.

    and I LOVE the lottery ticket idea - how fun!!
  11. OPI nail polish, gift certificates to Starbucks, Chickfila, etc., small photoframes, mini perfumes and hand lotions, mints from Victoria's Secret, Chocoiste from Godiva
  12. I love LUSH bath bombs for stocking stuffers.
  13. Sephora has the cutest list of gifts under $25 , they have a mini mascara that attaches to your cell phone , it would be really cute for teens or people like me who likes anythng cute and little
  14. I LOVE gag naughty boxer shorts..hehe
  15. stockings are huge for me and my sister and i were just talking about this today (now that she has munchkins) - a few generic non-specific suggestions... fun little things (silly string, confetti blowers, silly putty), books, christmas ornaments, lip glosses/nail polishes, walkie talkies split between two stockings (makes for a fun day), dvds