fun shopping website I just found!

  1. I liked the link to all of the pink stuff!!!! Cute site...
  2. Looks nice ^^
  3. The name reminds me of those Caboodle kits that were so big in the 80's. LOL I had a big blue one but I was too young to wear make-up at that age. I filled it with like 3 chapsticks and thought I was sooo cool.

    Sorry to go off topic. I'm going to check out the site now. ;)
  4. It is really cute.
  5. yeah, I keep looking at new lists of stuff! did anyone see the hello kitty ice cube trays? goood-ness!
  6. that is so cool, thanks!
  7. Fun...I loved the pnik stuff too :smile:
  8. cute site!