fun POLL: what's your lamest justification for your purchase??

  1. I know..some of the LV collectors are lucky enough to not have to justify their purchases :drool: (I wish..I was so lucky)...but some of us...have SO's that really just don't get the passion...:nuts:

    I'm wondering..what was your lamest justification for purchasing a Louie??:upsidedown:

    and..did your SO go for it??:graucho:

    MY DH..doesn't know that Louie's are NEVER on sale...I just said they were having a 50% off sale..and just couldn't pass it up...and.."I can sell it and double my money"....he actually bought that one....:roflmfao:
  2. Simple as I work hard so I deserve every single bag I have.:yes: I don't have to give explanations to my SO, he does not ask for.
  3. I told my husband I wanted to go buy him an lv wallet, and we ended up getting his wallet plus my duomo. I also told him I couldn't carry my white mc alma in the winter and my vachetta needed to patina so therefore I needed a damier bag. Then of course I needed an agenda to match the damier bag since my wallet was mono. Then I really needed a wapity because when I take the kids to the park I don't want to carry my big expensive handbag. Now I have to figure out how I can justify another speedy, since I have one already. I think when I justify all this to my husband, I'm doing it for myself, too!
  4. I used to just tell him some made up price, until he got on the internet one day and saw how much things really cost.
    I don't have an excuse, I am just a bag nut. The other day I said I wanted a new refrigerator and he said, "well, you could sell a purse and that would pay for it."
  5. LOL...thats cute..:lol:
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. LOL! My husband doesn't know much about how much purses cost and I can always tell him this is a fake one! Ha ha! My "excuse" is that I earned it and deserve everything else I buy, too!
  8. because I could be hit by a bus tomorrow!
  9. Oh, actually I think that's a good one!
  10. my lamest justification for a purchase so far is... oh my god i dreamed about the bag so i have to have it. it's a SIGN. :P
  11. I once bought a bag because elux was having free shipping!

  12. OMG~ That is soooooooo Funnnny and also True! LOL!:graucho:
  13. i promise myself that i'll study if i buy myself something from LV :smile:
  14. I do not get my hair or nails done...I do it all myself...highlights and my nails so look how much I save there...I got my hair trimmed at first choice for 13 dollars and it was my only haircut of the year...I must sound soo cheap but, I do have some wicked bags...I just save in other areas that other people do I never go should not feel guilty over 2 friggin bags when I barely buy or do restaurants or spas nothing...damn it I deserve another bag
  15. To save money by buying before the price hike.
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