Fun poll: What else (besides Coach!) are you asking for/getting for the holidays?

  1. My husband surprised both me and my daughter last week when we went into NY to see the Radio City Christmas Show. She wanted to go into Tiffany's just to look around, so I secretly asked him if it was ok to get her a charm to wear on the old Tiffany bracelet of mine that she has been wearing. He said of course, she picked out her charm, and he went off and paid. In the elevator, he handed us both a box - each w/a charm and a new toggle bracelet!! Soooo, I am hoping for another charm or two for my new bracelet! Also I collect Swarovski figurines, so maybe something for my curio cabinet, and definitely gift cards!!! What what you like to get this year?
  2. I just got 2 horses that we adopted from a local rescue so I'm only asking for Coach accessories. I should take pics of my new horsies and share with you all! LOL!
  3. Fun thread! And what a nice surprise from your DH!

    Honestly, this year I'm only asking for Coach & J. Crew gift cards...I normally do put something from Tiffany's on my list, or at least a Tiffany gift card, but there's too much stuff from Coach and J Crew that I want right now! :angel:

    I :heart: getting gift cards. I know it probaby sounds boring but I'm in my glory when I get them!!!
  4. My boyfriend likes buying me things from Tiffany because he knows that I'll love it and I've been hinting that I want the heart toggle bracelet (the one you can engrave) so I'm hoping for that!!! :love:
  5. Our gift (my DH and I together) is we bought a flat panel LCD" to replace our ancient big fat TV. We really enjoyed the new TV so far but no expensive coach for me for a few month :crybaby:... well maybe a 06 Legacy shoulder bag :nuts:
  6. He may think you only need one handbag, but the man sounds like he still knows how to be a sweetheart! ;)
    That is a great surprise, I've always wanted something from Tiffany's. Post modeling pics please!
  7. All I have asked for are Coach gift cards, a couple sweaters from Abercrombie, and other random gift cards like to Nordstrom or American Eagle.
  8. Hubby got me a Porsche Boxster for Christmas and that was supposed to be it...when we were in Boston for Thanksgiving he bought me my first LV...a speedy...I'm so excited and so spoiled...but hey I'm worth it :yes:
  9. What a sweet dh!! We are pretty tight right now after just buying me a brand new yukon xl :yahoo: but I pretty much get stuff all the time and I just got a new watch and my new carly and bleecker wallet, so that is my Christmas!! :tup:
  10. I love the Yukon...Congrats!! Sounds like your hubby does an awesome job of spoiling you too :wtf:
  11. I would like a pair of diamond studs.
  12. Thanks! I love it too!!! :love: Yes, he does.. I am way spoiled.. oh well... who's complaining right!?!? :graucho::p

    Hubby got them for me already, but I have to wait for Christmas. I have the bags, now need the shoes! But with my sadly huge feet (12 W) most designer shoes are out of the question (I did get a lot of help from TPF in the shoe section though...Stuart Weitzman, here I come...).
  14. holy wow!!! how exciting to get cars for christmas!

    If he did get me coach for Christmas, I would be floored since we're saving for a house and our honeymoon - so we've given each other a small budget ($100 for gifts and $25 for stocking) - I hope I get gift cards - he always seems to find me something that I don't ask for but just knocks my socks off.. never anything expensive but always thoughtful.
  15. Stuart Weitzman has made me feel good about being a woman again - I have wide feet too (and wide calves - even when I was thin, this was the case) though not as large as your feet. I actually had a break down b/c I couldn't find pretty shoes to wear for my wedding next year - I did a lot of searching on the internet and found Stuart Weitzman. I'm so excited to actually be able to wear something that fits me without having to be in horrendous pain b/c the shoe isn't made for me or b/c it's payless and is built poorly.