FUN POLL: Post the most sexy pair of shoes from your collection, one pair only..

  1. I am so curious about what pair of shoes from your collection do you find the sexier, I can't wait to see all those gorgeous choices, if you can post the pictures wearing them and why you find them sexy even better..I know it will be very tough to decide.
    here mine:
    This pair of Loboutin heels, I just can't say enough how I feel when I ware them, they are simple yet sexy, love to wear them when with a little black dress.
  2. Here's my favorite: CL Prives in patent leopard.
  3. Sillywahine..your shoes are so gorgeous, your rock them girl, I don't know in my opinion Louboutin got the sexies shoes.
  4. YAY!! Im loving this post already!
    I think my favorite of the moment have to be my
    Christian Louboutin Activa pumps. They are different.

  5. Hard to choose but my Dolce and Gabbana Gold "Sex" Shoes.
    dgsex2.jpg th_dgsex1.jpg
  6. all of you all's shoes are so nice. i have to look in my closet
  7. [​IMG]dior python sandals... :heart:
  8. ^ sorry!!!
  9. Honestly, I think my most sexy are my most recently purchased. My only designer pair (so far). Manolo Blahnik Stangona. I think it's more the way I feel in them more than the actual shoe, even though I think it's a hot shoe :graucho:, but I have higher heels & sexier heels....but these make me feel sexiest.

    (how do you guys get your pics to show up in the body of the post?)
    untitledM.JPG untitledMM.JPG
  10. Christian Louboutin Mouche in Black...these are just too hot. So far I have only worn them in the bedroom :graucho:
  11. Awesome shoes! You reminded me of myself. Last night I put on my new CL's trying to stretch them out and ended up w/shorts, heels, laying on the bed watching a movie. Felt so sexy:p
  12. yep I do the same thing...I've been wearing them in the house to break them in
  13. I feel not only sexy but girly in these:graucho: