*Fun poll* Help me decide all! (And Aqua Lovers!)


What would you choose from these options?? (Current collection is in my sig.)

  1. Aqua Coin Purse - (Don't have any coin purses yet...)

  2. Aqua Money Wallet - (Even though I JUST got the Marine... )

  3. GH Hobo, when time/$$ allows

  4. Truffle Twiggy, when time/$$ allows

  5. Nothing girl!! Go get some margaritas on your bday, and quit spending $$!!! ;)

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  1. Fun poll.... Pretend you had a birthday coming up. :graucho: So it gave you the excuse to go buck wild crazy on the spending side and DH couldn't say anything about it... Ahem. :whistle:

    What would you choose??

    Accessories?? In a color you love?? Or save for a bag, or potentially get another bag??

    I'm not sure what I'm getting for my birthday or how much "technical" birthday $$ I'll be getting... so I'm not banking on a new bag. I have a few bags that if they sell, I will be getting a GH hobo :drool: , but we aren't banking on that yet either...

    What you choose?? TIA!!! ;)
  2. I had a mini coin purse but sold it. I'd save up for a bag, and a giant hobo is a great choice IMO! Good luck!
  3. I'd go with:
    "save for a bag, or potentially get another bag??"
    :yes: :p ;)
  4. Oh, easy. Cornflower First. Umm, or maybe grenat. Or anthracite. No wait, maybe a shoulder bag instead. Okay, maybe not so easy.... :confused1:
  5. PS: The Giant Hobo bug has bit me too! I definitely want one soon!
  6. Thanks!!

    Forgot to add that I have a few of these items on hold, which is why I started the poll today... Also, there is a potential of a Saks giftcard if I order some of this today... ;)

    Yes... the coin purse is adorable, but I can't figure out what I would use it for?? :confused1:
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: See... this is how I feel most of the time. At least I'm not alone. That's why like getting opinions from other darling bbag addicts!!

    kirsten - I don't know what happened?? I wasn't so keen on the GH at first, but then I woke up one day doing this :drool: , all over pictures of it!! THEN, I saw the GH hobo in person... but couldn't really decide what color...

    south-of-france - This is what the practical side of my brain is saying... but the side of my brain craving more Aqua is saying get ANYTHING and everything you can in that color!!!
  8. Aqua Hobo!!!
  9. ^ Okay... that's just mean. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I haven't been able to justify having two bags in the same color yet... I don't think DH would let that one slide either - birthday or no birthday... ;)
  10. I voted the truffle twiggy. But only because I love the truffle color so much and it would look lovely with your others!
  11. Absolutely love the aqua color but ended up with the athracity....

    Given your choices i picked the twiggy but for my birthday, I'd want to get the Aqua Day RH.......
  12. Hmmm.... no votes for the Aqua wallet - so I guess that is out! ;)

    I thought about it and I have a ZC in Topaz, so that would probably be too similiar. :sad: Also, I still haven't figured out how I would use a coin purse...

    I have been drooling over these pics of the GH Hobo... :drool: :drool:

  13. yummilicious truffle twiggy PLUS yummilicious margaritas ! :yahoo: happy b`day ! :nuts:
  14. Save for the Twiggy!!!!!!!!
  15. I my coin purse and I definitely LOVE Aqua so I say get a little something now...like the Aqua coin purse and then put the rest of your money toward a GH New Hobo! I LOVE the new Hobo style, I just wish they made it in RH because I am not a GH girl.
    I use my coin purse as a small clutch sometimes and others in my bag to carry money, cards and lip stick. You really need to get the Aqua coin purse!:graucho: