Fun Poll: Guesstimate the retail worth of your Coach collection!!!

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What's your collection's retail worth?

  1. Under $2500

  2. $2500 - $7499

  3. $7500 - $12499

  4. $12500 - $17499

  5. $17500 - $25000

  6. Holy Crapola I can't begin to guess how much mine is worth!!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So I decided to start my little spreadsheet of how much I've saved by comparing the retail worth to the amount I actually spent on my items. I guesstimated that the retail worth of my items is almost $2000!!!:nuts:

    So with that said.......

    How much do you think your items are worth at retail prices???

    *Disclaimer* This is a fun poll - and a fun poll I want it to remain ;)
  2. i voted under $2500, as i have a very small collection at the moment [though it is dangerously close to the $2500, lol] . i am hoping to build it up greatly in the next few years. :nuts:

    at the moment i have:
    3 coach purses
    2 coach wallets
    1 vintage coach makeup bag
    1 coach keyfob
    2 coach cell lanyards
    1 lesportsac makeup bag [my mom got it as a gift and didn't like it; will use as an electronics pouch]
  3. I'm a little scared to know, but now I want to add it all up!
  4. I'm not going to go there..
  5. I'm only at about 1600, then again I've downsized recently to get a new laptop. I'm happy with my bags though, any more and I think most would not get used!
  6. #6 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    I don't think I want to know. I did a lot of buying last year in a short period of time. 3 Sabrinas, 1 each of Parker Hippie, Julianne, Lindsay, 2 Maggies, Heritage Stripe tote, I think there was something else that I can't remember offhand & quite a bit of accessories. Let's just say: TOO MUCH (LOL)
  7. Oh boy. It's not quite at the 4000 mark yet. I did have to guesstimate some of the prices because I wasn't sure. I really need to sell some stuff, especially the accessories I don't use anymore!
  8. Don't have much in my collection yet...
    MFF Crimson Patent Zoe
    Jade Patent Hailey
    Black Leather Claire
    Mahogany Op Art Maggie
    XL Whiskey Ergo Tote
    MFF Whiskey Shoulder Bag

    and a handful of accessories
  9. I have nine bags...
    2 Audreys
    2 Leahs
    1 Madison Hobo
    1 Ergo Satchel
    1 Poppy Spolight
    1 Sm Carly
    1 MFF bag that I dont know the name of lol

    I guess between 2500 and 7500. About half of my bags are purchased from the outlet. I like to consider my self a frugal lady :biggrin: Im also not into wallets and such. Im working on putting up a picture of my collection if I ever figure it out lol.
  10. #10 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    I voted, but I think I didn't read the thread very carefully before I did. I guesstimated based upon what I've spent on my collection. Since a majority of my bags came from the outlet, I guess the "retail worth" would be a completely different and higher number altogether. Oh well. That'll teach me to vote without reading more carefully! lol!
  11. I'm voting for somewhere in the higher end of the $7500-12500 range. Painful, but likely true!
  12. Holy crap--why did I take inventory and add it all up? I think I'll be having nightmares now. Oh well, at least I can take comfort in knowing that I didn't actually spend full price for most of my things.

    Oh yeah, I checked the $17,500 and up box. :amazed:
  13. I will be checking the last box, not because I don't know how much it is but I feel the amount of the value probably isn't best for me to vocalize when someone could easily track me down to where I live and rob me... let's just say I don't want to open myself up to that :smile:
  14. ^^ Ditto. All I'm saying is I make sure my insurance paper has at least a certain $ amount under "collection". I did have a $ a few years ago but I never started tallying it again. I'm just glad I got them on great prices.
  15. i got bored and calculated it with the tags the other day from the fp prices (not the sale prices that i paid) and it came out to about 6800, but i only actually spent like 1800-2000 overall which looking back is a lot for the amount of money i make....and that's just with what i have now. ill be in the next range by the end of the year. im sure lol