Fun Perfume Game!

  1. So I ran out of my favorite perfume, Sui Dreams (Anna Sui), and I wanted to add some new scents to my collection. The thing was, I didn't want to deviate to far from the sweet choc lately/vanilla smell of Sui Dreams. So I thought it would be a fun game to give your suggestions of perfumes in the same family so PF'ers can have a reference guide as to what they *may* like.

    For example the format could be:
    • If you like Sui Dreams (Anna Sui) you would definitely like: Angel (Thierry Mugler) and Amber (Victoria Secret).
    • If you like Eternity for Women (Calvin Klein) you would definitely like: Japanese Cherry Blossom (Bath and Body Works).
  2. i havent smelt sui dreams but you say it has a vanilla smell? how about burberry brit by burberry (obviously). It does have quite a strong smell however i love it, cant get enough!

    good luck! :biggrin:
  3. If you like Angel by Thierry Mugler, you will definitely like Euphoria by Calvin Klein
  4. If you like Sui Dreams, you would probably like Aquolina Pink Sugar.

  5. So true, they are both my fav! If you like thsoe two you might also like Christian Dior Addict.
  6. If you like Brit by Burberry, you will like Chance by Chanel :yes:
  7. If you like Romance (Ralph Lauren), you will probably like Envy Me (Gucci).
  8. This is a difficult game.
  9. If you like Marc Jacobs you will definitely like Donna Karan Gold.
  10. If you like Sui by Anna Sui, u might be like Gucci parfume II
  11. Lordguinny, fun idea!

    If you like Anna Sui, you might like ...

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  12. If you like Pink Sugar you will like Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body works.

    Sorry, I had to pick an easy one!
  13. If you like these you might like Demeter's Frangrance Library "Angel Food"
  14. SO's mum works for a perfume company, so I've been through a ton of fragrance...

    If you like Gucci Envy Me, you'll like Givenchy: So Givenchy, Lacoste Pink, and maybe Dior Addict 2 or Juicy Couture. I wore pink florals exclusively for a long time, so steered towards these similar scents. Actually, now that I'm looking around, I believe the So Givenchy was discontinued and replaced with Givenchy: Lovely Prism :s

    If you like Hermes Rose Ikebana (my fave!!!), you might like L'Occitane Rose & Reine.

    If you like Davidoff Cool Water, you might like Tommy Bahama Very Cool and Island by Michael Kors.

    If you like Michael Kors, you might like Juicy Couture...I gave that to my sister to get her to stop wearing MK because she smelled like a walking gardenia...which is weird because it is a tuberose fragrance. I think it just smelled bad on *her*

    If you like any of the Burberry scents, you might like the Hugo Boss ones also, they both tend to have that common sandalwood note.

    If you like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, you might like a few of Kenzo's perfumes (there is one in particular I'm thinking of, in a clear oval bottle with a blue top, but I believe they may have discontinued it).

    If you like Vera Wang, you might like Aqua Di Parma Iris Nobile (my Mom wears both, and Aqua just smells a bit sweeter). Maybe Gucci II also.

    And if you like Bvlgari Black...hope they keep making it, because I don't think ANYTHING else smells like that (I've searched!), it's a very unique fragrance!
  15. If you like Dior Higher Energy, you'll love ck summer one!