Fun in Rome

  1. My family just returned from a great vacation in Italy. All along, I had a private agenda of spending some quality time searching out Hermes Boutiques in the various cities we visited. My daughter is a budding purse enthusiast and was helpful in bugging out on the umteenth tour from the rest of our family.
    At any rate, we had a lovely afternoon visiting the Rome Hermes. There was a darling SA ( young girl, cant remember name, but have her card) who spend lots of time with us looking at scarves, perfume, small leathers and eventually hand bags. Although I had dreamed of discovering the perfect Birken or Kelly, (just waiting for me!) I instead fell in love with a potiron bolide. THe SA was so sweet with my 14 yr old daughter, showing her many cute ways to tie a twilly in her hair, around her jeans, etc.
    I guess my point was, there really are some kind Hermes SA's out there still. I was beginning to wonder, having recently read of many unpleasant experiences.
    If anyone plans to visit Rome, I would be happy to recommend my sweet SA!
  2. Pics!!! We must see pics!! I've never seen a Potiron Bolide - it must be stunning!
  3. Did you buy it? The Bolide? Did you? Pics, Pics, Pics please....we live on pictures here on the PF. At least I do. Helps curb my purchasing which, if you ask anyone here, is a bit out of control lately.....
  4. Wow! Sounds like it was a fun shopping trip. Helpful SAs can make or break the whole buying experience.

    Please post pics of your potiron bolide. I love :love: :love: Hermes' beautiful bold colors.
  5. Oh yes, I did buy the bag (and a scarf, and body lotion and a twilly for my daughter)! I promise to post pics but embarrassingly I have to prevail upon my kids to show me how again!
  6. sms,
    it sounds heavenly!!!!!
    i too own a potiron H (shopmom graciously posted detailed pix on the member H treasures we own or aspire to own!)
    Isn't Italy marvelous?
    It is heavenly to wardrobe in neutrals and have a fabulous handbag as a delicious accent???
    I was told by an avid H acquaintance of mine (she owns many many handbags & diamonds as well!!!) Potiron is getting rarer to acquire, so enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!
  7. Congrats and please post when you can! I also had to have my ds help to teach me how to do the pic thing here lol!! And Italy....I plan on visiting in 5.5 yrs....when all my kids are done with school!!! Sounds lovely...
  8. Lovely! I can't wait to see your treasures. Potiron is luscious.
  9. I am going to Rome in Sept and would love to know the name of the SA.

    Thank you for writing about your experience. I have a daughter who will turn 14 later this summer, but she is not going with me. A twilly is a great idea for a souvenir and I never would have thought of it!!
  10. Glad you had a wonderful trip and congrats on your new Bolide! :flowers: I :heart: your avatar by the way! :biggrin:
  11. thank you ladies for all your good wishes! I am going to attempt to provide a photo thru Flickr with the help of my kids..Oh, I am looking for SA's card but think it is still in the wreckage of my suitcase and must unearth it... anyway here goes....
  12. Whoa! What a STUNNING Bolide!!:love: What size is it?
  13. Gorgeous! Yes, please may we have the specs of your bag?
  14. Sooo pretty! Looks like Togo?
  15. That's what I thought, too, the clemence slouches so much it can barely hold itself up.