Fun in Las Vegas

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  1. As some of you know, DH and I spent the long Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas celebrating our 15th anniversary. No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without a stop (or two or three) into Hermes. So, on our first night in Vegas, I picked up A Contre-Courant mousseline PM in vert pale/vert eau/vert amande. Here she is!



    While at Hermes, I spied a havane swift Berlingot. I thought it would be the perfect hands-free sightseeing bag (I needed to keep my hands free for other purchases - natch). So, I thought about it for a night and went back to buy it the next day. I love havane swift!



    Turns out, I was right! This is the perfect hands-free bag! In it, I carried my large LV sunglasses case, Dogon compact wallet (with iPod), Dogon key wallet, chevre business card case, passport, lipstick, lipgloss, Advil, spare keys and gum.

    We had a great weekend and brought home some lovely H souvenirs!
  2. Happy anniversary!! H souvenirs are the best souvenirs and yours are gorgeous :yes: I'm glad to hear you had fun, congrats on your new goodies!!
  3. happy annie ninjasue!! OMG DH and i were in vegas as well!!! we stayed at bellagio and i visited H every single day/night!! maybe i saw u???
  4. Happiest 15 anniversary, NS! And what beautiful pieces you chose to commemorate your special time - I love your mousseline and Berlingot - oh, what a classic bag! Just gorgeous, both of them! On 15 years and gorgeous Hermes, I wish you

  5. OMG, PBC - we stayed at Bellagio, as well. You weren't carrying a vert anis 35cm Birkin, were you? DH spotted a gorgeous lady with a fabu vert anis Birkin and we joked with each other that she had to be a tPF'er.

    DH and I stopped in Hermes Friday at about 4:00 and Sunday at 10:00-ish. When were you there?
  6. That would be so fun if you guys saw each other!! Love the mousseline (like mine!) and the bag -- and congrats of course! I've got 5 yrs. on you lol!!! And my LV trip was the best - only problem is I want to go back in the worst way lol!!
  7. Congrats NS!
    LOVE the mousse and the bag is simply perfect! :wlae:
  8. A very happy anniversary N Sue!

    Love your new ACC mousse, just the perfect color for you. I love the new Berligot too. Can't wait to see you model them irl.
  9. Thanks so much, my friends! We really had a great time. Being the foodies that we are, we spent a lot of time eating at some fabu restaurants (while not shopping in Hermes). On Friday afternoon, we met a lovely lady in Hermes wearing a gold ostrich Kelly backpack. She complimented my Birkin and I complimented her ostrich backpack. Then, we spotted the lovely lady with the vert anis Birkin.

    The SAs were all so nice!
  10. Beautiful purchases. I've never seen the bag. I love Havanne and it looks so practical! I'm going to Las Vegas soon too and hoping for some great H finds...and food. Any recommendations?
  11. vert anis birkin?? don't i wish i have that one!! so no, that was not me. i actually brought my black birkin and BJ kelly, but used my kelly most of the time. i arrived early friday and left yest. don't remember exactly what times i visited H (it was in between DH's 6-8 hrs per day of blackjack!), but i know for sure i was there around 6pm on sunday to buy my new bangle. did you see the cute 25cm black box PH kelly?? i almost bought it...if only it was GH! btw: love your purchases!!! congrats again on ur annie!!! :heart:

    and congrats to shoes as well!!! i remember you had told me you'd be in vegas. i was also there the wknd after you last month!
  12. NS...Happy Anniversary! Very nice momentos!!!!

    PBC...LOL...I saw the box Kelly on the shelf the weekend before...very nice!
  13. Congrats, Ninja Sue. Your ACC scarf is gorgeous, and I adore your new Berlingot. I saw a Havane swift Lindy and totally fell in love with Havane swift :heart:. Your new bag is amazing!
  14. thanks pbc! While I was shopping with a couple of my pf friends there - we did spot a lady with probably a raisin birkin -- 35 I think, and another in the H store with an ostrich birkin - it was fun to drool over their bags as well!! I need to go back - the overall shopping there was just TDF!!!
  15. By Sunday, the 25cm Kelly was joined by her 35cm black box sister. The two were gorgeous together.

    PBC, I'm so sorry I missed you! We could have met for a drink! Would you believe I did not see one Kelly all weekend? A few Birkins but no other Hermes at all.