Fun Idea...please participate!

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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I haven't been posting much lately, so I've been a little out of the loop, but nevertheless, feels good to be here today! ANYWAY....

    I've been wanting to do this for awhile, just because I think it'd be fun and interesting. I think we should keep a running total of how many RM's everyone on the forum currently owns. I'm just curious to see how many RM's we all have collectively!

    We can list the bags we have, and then at the bottom, we'll update the total. So, if you are the next person to post, add your RM total to my RM total and so on. Get it? And when you get more, then you can just come back to this thread and update the total. Make sure the total is how many RM's you have currently, not how many you have had and sold on ebay or something, because then we'd probably be counting bags twice. Also, if you sell a bag, then come back and subtract it from the total.

    Thought this would be a fun way to see TPF's impact on RM and RM sales!

    Any guesses? My guess is......1000!

    Ok, I have a Glazed Almond Matinee and a Tangerine MAB

    Running Total: 2
  2. cool idea! My guess is 850!

    I have Tomato Grace, Black MA, Saddle MA & Black Basketweave MA (4 total)

    Running Total: 6
  3. This is a fun idea!

    My guess is around 750.

    I have a Matinee in Midnight/Pewter and the Clutch in Cream.

    Running Total: 8
  4. I have in my hands now:
    Night Blue Nikki
    Emerald MAB

    Running total: 10
    My guess for total is much lower than most! 425
  5. Fun! My guess is 500! :P

    I have the following:

    blue/grey matinee, Wine MaM, Tangy MaMa, Wine Matinee, Wine Nikki, and the basketweave MA... (6 total)

    Running total: 16
  6. This is fun!! My guess is around 600!
    I currently own :love:

    1 MAM in Emerald Green
    1 MAB in Dark Grey

    Running Total: 18
  7. Cool, love to join the fun!

    My guess 650

    I have in my hands now:
    1 MAM in Midnight/Pewter

    Running total: 19
  8. Guessing 780

    I have now:
    MA in Tomato
    MAM in Dusty
    MAM in Black

    Total = 22
  9. My guess: 950I have in my hands now:

    Running total: 26
  10. My guess is 639

    I have now:
    MAM- Glazed Espresso
    MAM- Dark Gray
    Matinee- Night on Night
    Total= 3

    Running total= 29
  11. MAM in dark gray
    MAM in eggplant
    Clutch in glazed espresso
    Date Clutch in emerald
    Mini Nikki in purple
    Plan B in tangerine

    plus, I am adding my mom's MAM in rosegold and my friend's MAB in gray/eggplant because they would not have bought them unless I steered them toward RM.

    Running total = 37
  12. My guess is 850

    I have:
    MAB- Grey
    Elisha - Evergreen
    Date Clutch - Grey

    Running total= 40
  13. Great, thanks everyone for participating! ^^^I think the new total is 40 (37+3)

    Running Total: 40
  14. Fun idea! My guess is 50% of the total are in GUNG's closet.

    MAB in Wine
    Matinee in Dark grey
    No Strings clutch in Eggplant
    Date clutch in Silver

    Running total = 44
  15. LOL!

    I have 4 counting the steady on the way. So that is