Fun Hundred Bucks!


Jan 29, 2006
Unlike most of you ladies, I don't own dozens upon dozens of purses! But all my bags are over $1,000.

On a tip from Steals & Bargains, I went to my local Coach outlet and came home with this cute little thing for $111.00! There's something to be said for a little fun purse which are so different from the heavy, sedate Chanel bags I generally favor.

Sorry, I just wanted to share. I love this board. :love:

Jan 10, 2006
IntlSet said:
Yes, WICKED! You're on a hiatus, remember?!

Well, I didn't want everyone to think I was nuts... But I've reduced the recent acquisitions considerably. I really thought everything through...

I went from having the 1) Burberry Prorsum, 2) LV cerise sac plat, 3) chocolate brown GD, 4) coach orange hobo, 5) MJ stam


1) LV cerise sac plat, 2) coach orange hobo, and 3) MJ chalk hobo.

I decided I was getting to sucked into the hunt for an "IT" bag with the other puchases, so they went back. No longer "shopping" for purses now. Just going to wait for the B.bag to come into my local NM, so I can actually see the bag in person! And I want a YSL large mombasa some time and maybe a BV ball bag in the "right" color. :P


Jan 17, 2006
wickedassin said:
So glad you got a cute purse at the outlet. The prices were so amazing! I was tempted to go back today to look around longer, but decided that'd just get me in trouble :P
Wicked - we could have met there! :lol: :lol:

I got a couple of fun Two hundred bucks purses. Unsure if I'll keep both....