Fun Health & Fitness Questionnaire

  1. I found this on the Oxygen Magazine forums and thought I'd start a similar thread here :nuts: I love questionnaires and surveys.

    My fit lifestyle started - Three years ago. I had been exercising for a while, but I seriously got into it in 2004. After moving to Orlando to finish college, I gained almost 20 lbs. from eating junk and fast food, and drinking way too much. After the holidays I got serious about my health, started logging what I ate, revamped my diet and my pantry, and really got into working out. I ended up losing 25 lbs. and finally adopting the healthy lifestyle I never thought I could do, give or take some alcohol and sweet treats ;)

    My favorite form of exercise is - Going for a great run outside, in the morning when it's nice and cool, or running ass-kicking sprints on the treadmill. I also enjoy Spinning classes.

    I also enjoy - Weight training. I love lifting heavy :nuts:

    I despise - When I see people, magazines, or online articles that say women should not lift heavy because of "bulking up". No such thing, unless you are a fitness competitor, eat the way competitors do, take crazy supplements, etc. Drop the pink dumbbells and pick up some real weights ;) I also despise leg day and the stairmaster :p But it has to be done.

    Although I haven't, I would like to - Try yoga.

    You'd never catch me - In the gym pool. I like swimming, but only recreationally. I know some people love it as exercise, but it's just not for me.

    I'm most proud of - Sticking to the lifestyle changes I made over three years ago. Learning how to maintain a healthy weight, learning to love exercise, knowing that I'm healthy. My family has a history of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, and knowing that I am at less risk because I eat right and exercise is a good thing :smile:

    I regret - Sometimes I regret not being as serious about fitness as I could be. I get Oxygen in the mail every month, and I often think about what it would be like to have a career like that. But the amount of work and sacrifice it would take intimidates me :shame:

    My goals for 2007 are - Be consistent with running. Run faster during my sprints. Increase how much weight I lift. Increase my squatting weight. Try yoga, I guess :p

    My long term goals are - To one day run a half marathon. To continue a healthy lifestyle and share my experiences and knowledge with others. To possibly become certified as a personal trainer and teach Spinning classes.
  2. My fit lifestyle started - About 9 years ago when I was diagnosed with lupus. Having a healthy lifestyle makes me feel great-- not just look great, which is a nice added bonus, of course. ;)

    My favorite form of exercise is - Spinning, walking my dog, and using my elliptical machine. I love taking cardio-kickboxing classes too whenever I can.

    I also enjoy - Pilates

    I despise - When people use their cell phones at the gym WHILE they are on the machinery! What is the point of working out if you aren't giving it your all?

    Although I haven't, I would like to - Join a rock-climbing gym.

    You'd never catch me - Sleeping in until 12 pm. I need to get up and get moving!

    I'm most proud of - The fact that I have taken care of myself to the point where I no longer need medication to function. :yahoo:

    I regret - Being weight focused when I was a teenager and having an eating disorder.

    My goals for 2007 are - To continue living a clean lifestyle and take the best care of myself that I possibly can.

    My long term goals are - To get a six pack! :p

  3. Now THAT rocks! :nuts:
  4. Aw thanks! It is pretty darn cool. :smile:

    This is a great thread, BTW. I cannot wait to read the other responses!
  5. My fit lifestyle started - I have always been fit since I was a teenager I have been swimming one mile per day
    My favorite form of exercise is - Swimming
    I also enjoy - Massage

    I despise - Lazy fat people, smokers! sorry!
    Although I haven't, I would like to - join sub aqua club
    You'd never catch me - Sleeping past 8am except when I have been on TPf half the night :roflmfao:
    I'm most proud of - I am incredibly fit
    I regret - too many things to mention
    My goals for 2007 are - To stop regretting
    My long term goals are - To stay fit & be happy
  6. My fit lifestyle started - In November of 2005, when I made the commitment to drop 225 pounds.

    My favorite form of exercise is - Walking, walking, and more walking!

    I also enjoy - Dancing.

    I despise - People who complain about their weight and health, but continue to have bad habits!

    Although I haven't, I would like to - Take up martial arts.

    You'd never catch me - Eating fast food.

    I'm most proud of - Losing 183 pounds. I only have 42 pounds to reach my goal weight! YAY!

    I regret - Not doing something about my weight when I was not as big.

    My goals for 2007 are - To reach my goal weight and write to Richard Simmons to thank him for helping me reach my goal.

    My long term goals are - To maintain my healthy weight for life!
  7. ^ Congrats on your amazing weight loss! You should be soooo proud of yourself. :happydance: