Fun fashion jewelry...let's see it!!

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  1. This thread is for the fun stuff. Not expensive or designer...but let's see the "fashion" jewelry. I love unique and cheap....

    I will post pics of whatever is saved on my computer....let's see some jewlery ladies (and gentleman too!)

    Bird necklace was bought at Forever 21
    Pyramind Ring from HSN
    Multi stone necklace was a gift from a friend
    Wooden charm necklace bought at Buffalo Exchange
    Rhinestone Bracelets- Garge sale and resale shop

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  2. A few more...

    Envelope necklace was a gift from my kids (I love this so much!)
    RIng was bought at Buffalo Exchange
    Blingy bracelet from Paula Abdul for HSN

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  3. The bird necklace is so cute! I like the envelope also. Great thread idea!
  4. ^^^Thanks!! I saw the barista at my Starbucks wearing the bird necklace yesterday. When she told me it was F21, I was promptly on a mission. I love it!! The envelope was my gift from my kids for Mother's Day this year....I adore it. The clasp is broken, so I need to have it fixed.
  5. I love HSN - I was thinking of buying some Paula Abdul stuff today!
  6. A few more pieces which I am wearing today....

    Bracelet bought at Buffalo Exchange
    Earrings at some very cheap junk shop!

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  7. Oohh I love fashion jewellery!! Will take some pics and share. Great stuff girls! :yahoo:
  8. annemerrick I love that pyramid/stud ring!! It's the perfect accessory to add to a sexy black dress when you're out on a night in a town!!
  9. wow love all your peices anne! =)
  10. Thanks so much ladies....I will add more pics as I go. I pretty much ONLY have "fashion" jewelry right now, as all of my good stuff was stolen last year. I have to say though that the cheap just so much FUN!!!!
  11. I confess ... Im a Jewelry ADDICT also ... LOL ... will post some fun stuff soon!
  12. ^^^Can't wait to see!!!
  13. I make most of my jewelry, thus, they're all costume :smile:

    Here's something I created last week: