Fun Facial Recognition!

  1. Hey guys, try out this cool site MyHeritage - Family 2.0 and Genealogy and at the top menu select the facial recognition feature. It shows you what celebrities you look like based on a picture you upload.
    I thought it would be fun to say which ones you got!
    You have to register to get the results. Don't worry, you don't have to post any pics of yourself if you are shy.
    I'm asian, so I got a bunch of Asian celebs that I don't know. I don't look like any men! (You can also see if you look like anyone of the opposite gender)
  2. I just tried this out..had fun uploading pics of family & friends, some of the results are pretty hilarious especially when one of the results revealed that my brother and i both look like jessica biel :roflmfao:
  3. i've done this before... but i got mostly Asian celebrities that i looked nothing like me. the closest matches that i've gotten were Kristen Kreuk, Gillian Chung (HK singer/actress), Song Hye Kyo (Korean actress)... i only wish i looked half as good!

    and btw, i tried different pictures and also got different results.
  4. i look the most like lindsay lohan :wtf: and then matt dillon :lol: i also look like valeria mazza, alicia silverstone and some other people i can't remember..

    but i did this a few months ago and i looked like far more men that time :confused1:
  5. Okay I got as my top match Adriana Karembeu (I have NO idea who this is! LOL) and Tiffany Thiessen with three different photos! It's cool because I did look through their photos though and could totally see where the match came from!

    Cool Thanks for sharing!
  6. I got the actress Leelee Sobieski (67%) and it's weird how you can actually see a link.
  7. This is fun :lol:

    I've got Penelope Cruz (78%), Katie Holmes, Liz Hurley and Bridgit Bardot (all 76%). I absolutely can live with that :P

    It's weird and I took a picture I absolutely hate, the one from my passport :yucky:
  8. :nuts: I got Adriana Karembeu, too. I also got Scarlett Johasson (sp?). And Kathrine Heprun. :confused1: It was funny.
  9. I got Kathrine Hepburn aswell! Maybe we look alike? Either that or they have a limited picture database :P I also got a lot of pretty Asian celebrities too which was funny since I'm not Asian.
  10. i got sophia bush britney spears and christina ricci and alessandra ( the one from bvictoris secret) i think sophia bush is the only close one
  11. Maybe we do. :nuts: I'm surprised I didn't get Asian ones, because I have heavy asianesque eyelids.
  12. Monica Belluci 90%
    Natalie Imbruglia 86%
    Laetitia Casta 83%
    Scarlett Johansson 80%