FUN drink recipes???

  1. Im having a party Saturday night (my going away party since I will be gone all summer!) I want to make a cool drink....I will have a few pitchers of Cosmos...(dh makes GOOD ones) and a big full stocked bar. But I would like another choice!!! It is being catered ...all chinese menu...(its so hot here so we thought that would be fun, and I love the chef doing it!..YUM!)
    Any ideas??? You guys are always full of the best ideas!

    Thanks...OH!! and if anyone is in the area this weekend and you would like to drop by...door is open!! :graucho:
  2. Hi Sunshine!

    There is a drink that a lot of our friends like, called a Snowball.... (Not really the right name for a summer drink, huh?)

    Served in a short a Ole Fashioned..

    Per drink, pour in a blender
    Shot of good Vodka, about 1/2 cup of cream soda, mix up, pour the rest of the glass with half and half...serve over rocks...with a cherry.
    Mmmmmmm good.....
  3. Since you live in Florida (I think), how about Tropical Heat served in a hurricane glass? Here are the ingredients:
    Shake with ice & strain over ice
    -30mls BOLS Peach liqueur
    -30mls Light rum
    -30mls Lime cordial / syrup
    -60mls Freshly pressed apple juice
    -60mls Apricot juice

    * garnish with a slice of fresh peach and a stem of cherry.


    Since you are serving Chinese dishes, instead of a reg. cosmo how about a Chinese Cosmopolitan served in a Martini glass?
    Shake with ice
    -22mls BOLS Lychee liqueur
    -15mls Freshly squeezed lime juice
    -30mls Cranberry juice
    -Add 2 shots honey liqueur before shaking.

    *garnish with an orange twist

    Happy drinking!!
  4. Great ideas!!! I may have to have a tasting section!! I know you all will have so many ideas I will not be able to choose just one! Many thanks! (have you had the Chinese cosmo??? is it tasty?)
    I want a tropical heat NOW...damn!
  5. mango bellinis

    pour 1/2 oz of mango juice into a champagne flute and top with champagne! easy and yummy!
  6. Can't think of any great drinks right now, but I wanna come to your party! It really sounds like fun.
  7. Have you ever been to ... that website is awesome. I use it all the time when I am in need of some inspiration of what to make for dinner or what cocktails to have.
  8. You need to make Mojitos!!!!!!! I don't have a great recipe, but that is EXCTLY what you need :yes:
  9. YEAH!!! I will check out there is a good Mojitos recipe there! (I can feel the hangover from this party all ready...)
  10. I loooove Mojitos! You make me want one now :rant:
  11. They have to have them- So Fla has amazing Mojitos because of the Cuban influence there. ACTUALLY my aunt, an amazing chef, has a GREAT recipe! She had to serve the Cincinatti Bengals once and served that as they drink and they ALL came back for more. Let me ask her and I will get back to you with that!!!
  12. SWEET!!! Thanks Megs!
  13. Ruby cosmos are yummy in the sofla heat. Rubyred grapefruit juice and vodka serve chilled with a little bit of sugar on the rim. Lemon drops are good too! :biggrin:
  14. Here's an English non-alcoholic offering - smoothies always go down well, here's one i make as an example:

    Punnet of Strawberries
    3 x Bananas
    1 x teaspoon Fresh cream
    1 x tablespoon Natural Yoghurt
    2 x teaspoon Honey
    1 x scoop Vanilla icecream (depending on how thick you like it, add more or less)

    Mix up in a blender and you're away!

    The above amount makes around 4-5 smoothies

    They are just perfect for this hot weather! can add a dash of whatever alcohol (amaretto is nice) takes your fancy and they still taste good!:biggrin:
  15. I'm not a big drinker so i'm useless in that department, But i hope you have a wonderful time.and a great vacation.:heart: