Fun Day!


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Jan 4, 2006
I had so much fun today and its all because of the nice and trendy folks here on Purse Blog Forum :smile:

I have been browsing and eyeing bags posted here - so far I've almost exclusively bought Coach, for years. I had never heard of many of the companies that make some of the coolest bags until I found you all.

I was just browsing at the Houston Galleria - I have been there many times over the years and dont think I ever went into the Louis Vuitton, Fendi or Burberry shops. It was a crazy day there and I asked at one of the stores and they said we have the NBA All-Star game here this weekend so a lot of folks in town and all seem to be at the Galleria.

First off, I went to NM - I've really liked the LV Koala wallet in the check and had to see it :smile: then I asked if it had a good back for a match - she put several wallets and purses out for me to try on lol - I had a blast :smile: I took notes of ones I like, but I think the wallet may be my first piece.

I saw a lovely black leather Burberry purse with a plad trim, that's going on my wish list too.

I went to the Fendi store in the Mall - they had a large White, Honey, and a Copper Spy, a striped one as well and a couple of small ones in white and honey I believe. I tried the copper one on :smile: pretty sleek! That's a big bag, what do you all put in it? lol

Checked out the lastest Coach things at the Coach store, a lot of new pastel scribble bags and accessories. A new brightly colored patchwork motif as well.

It was a day to have fun and check out in person a lot of the thihngs you guys write about :smile: of course I gave my husband the rundown after he came to pick me up (he spent his time across the street at Barnes & Noble waiting it out lol)

I took him to the Burberry store and had him pick out a scent - I promised him for Valentines but couldn't chose between Brit, London, or Touch - he went for Brit - the scent really suits him ).

Other than that I bought new socks lol - but my wishlist got bigger.

Thanks again for all the fun !


Jan 12, 2006
My DH and I lived and were married in Bellaire -just down the street from the Galleria. I LOVE that mall! In fact, for our anniversary we'll be at the Galleria Westin in 2 weeks! {sans children}
Sounds like you had a fun day!


Jan 21, 2006
New Jersey
Vista said:
I took him to the Burberry store and had him pick out a scent - I promised him for Valentines but couldn't chose between Brit, London, or Touch - he went for Brit - the scent really suits him ).
I LOOOOVE :love::love::love::love: the Brit sent on guys very sexy lol i gave it to my bf as a stockingstuffer for xmas and now its a joke between us that i give him the sniff test to see if he's wearing it! lol He always says don't worry about sniffing i'm all Britted up :lol:...

Glad you had such a fun day! and that you added to your wishlist :love:


Jan 24, 2006
I live in the northwest part of houston, so it is about a 30 min drive for me. It definitely isn't a regular mall thats for sure. Lots and lots of money can be spent there! lol
Jan 27, 2006
I have 2 purses from the Houston Galleria, but I've never been there. My parents were in Houston and I asked them to go there and do some shopping for me because it sounds like a mall that I could seriously do some damage in. One of these days I'll get there.


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Jan 27, 2006
glad u had fun Vista.. :biggrin: let us know what you tend to buy when u narrow things down ;)

honostly this forum is great.. i dont have to rush to the mall as soon as season begins or if i had a crush on something.. i just take my time here browsing.. reading reviews.. searching.. and looking at pics.. and observing more pics from different angles :lol:
then i write down my wishlist for the 10th time!!
and theeeeeeeeeen decide to go and check things out :amuse:
here its like (everything bags) under ur fingure tips :nuts:


Feb 5, 2006
What a fun day! I am so jealous-a mall like that so close! I have to drive at least 45-50 min for a decent place to shop!