Fun day out in Key West with the king and queen of tPF!!!

  1. Met up with Megs and Vlad today!!!! GREAT DAY! Thought I would share!
    pics 392.jpg pics 393.jpg pics 390.jpg
  2. aww cute pictures! glad to hear you, Meg, and Vlad had a good time!
  3. ohh I miss Key West. We went to Fat Tuesdays down there and well lets just say we had a great time!! slurpees anyone???
  4. I just loooove Key West. I have family in Islamorada so I usually make it down that way atleast once a summer. Looks like you all are having a good time. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
  5. thread should say KING not KIND...but Vlad is oh so kind.
  6. Looks like you guys had so much fun!
  7. How fun! Hope you tipped one for the Pfers!
  8. Looks like you guys had a great time!
  9. Great pics! Just LOVE Key West!
  10. I LOVE Key West! My family went there during one Spring Break and stayed at a friend's house.

    Megs and Vlad - if you're still in Key West, check out that location's Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. My dad took my brother and me there and it's AWESOME!

    Key West was my first ever time seeing a drag queen. (My family and I happened to be there during some big drag queen parade!)
  11. CUTE PICTURES! Looks like you guys had a fun day!
  12. Looks like you guys had a fun day! Nice pic!!
  13. GREAT PICS!! thanks for sharing them with us! Glad you're having a great vacation!!
  14. oh how cute are y'all!?!? Are they as adorable IRL as they are on here? huh? tell me, tell me, tell me!! LOL!

    Fantastic pics, glad you uys had a chance to meet!

    OT - dang woman you are tan!!!
  15. Looks like you had so much fun!!
    I love the pics!