FUN(ctional) FLATS!

  1. hello chickens.

    i never thought i would say this, but i need to find a shoe that is cute and comfortable. the past few days i have been on my feet all day at work and my flats were good. the first day. now i NEED support in my heel region.

    so the question is, what are some really good flats that one can be in all day, standing or walking the city, and have support. thoughts?

    thank you in advance!!:heart:
  2. I'm in a similar situation... I've been trying to find flats with arch support. I hope someone else have some ideas because I haven't had much luck with finding something.

    The only ones I have seen with arch support are by Born but I got blisters in the heel are from them.

    I bought a few pairs by Me Too. They were just cheap pairs to beat up on the weekends but they feel a lot like the Taryn Rose ones - real flexible and cushy. They have a slight heel (about 1/2") which helps take some of the pressure off the heel and arch but not enough for me. I can wear them for a few errands but not all day on my feet.

    Dansko made some flat sandals last year that you can still find on Zappos. They aren't exactly sleek but they aren't as frumpy as most of their shoes. They have arch support. I have a pair of the flip flops I wear with jeans and they are very comfortable.

    Keds is making a new line of skimmers if you are looking for something casual. I haven't tried them yet because I want more of a ballet flat.