Fun Colors...What To Wear It With?

  1. Another dilemma plaguing me as I try to sort through developing a 'proper' Balenciaga wishlist is determining when I'll ever wear the darn thing.

    So help me out colors...what do you wear them with?

  2. Boring as it may sound, I tend to wear mostly black, browns, white and denim... :p
  3. do you own a clown costume? J/K! I think all colors go great with t-shirt and jeans. or black. or sun dresses....
  4. Great thread twiggers.

    I love vert gazon, violine and jaune but i wouldn't know what to wear them with... so hopefully i can get some ideas too.

    I wear a lot of black so i guess any color bag would go.........but i'm slowly moving away from that now and loving all the girly blouses in the shops right now.
  5. LOL shoo!!!!

    Yea....I wear a lot of blue jeans and black/grey pants...but I usually like to wear a colorful top (usually solid colored as I'm not a huge print fan) I worry....I mean I own lots of tops in all of the above colors but is that overdoing it?
    Can you wear a pink top, blue jeans, and a pink purse? IDK! I'm so fashion clueless LOL
  6. hmmm. pink on pink? it depends. if your shirt was a very dark pink and the bag a light pink (or vice versa)'ll have to try stuff on and give a fashion show....then we can do this :tup: or this :tdown:...
  7. or better yet, does yeuxhonnetes own any Bal Bags? she has some great outfits in her thread.....
  8. ^^^yeah that's my problem! I usually like to use the colored bags as a stand alone piece (i.e. wear black & white with a popping red bag)...but crap...I don't own that much black & white ..... I have so much color in my wardrobe!
  9. :roflmfao: I don't think she does... but yea....she has a freakin' awesome wardrobe!
  10. The bigger problem is that I don't own any of these bags yet! I'm trying to figure out whether to keep some of these fun colors on my list if my wardrobe doesn't support them!
  11. I've found that the less conscious I am of what I'm wearing vs. the color bag I'm carrying the better I do. You'd be surprised at how colors can go with anything. look at some of the celeb threads, their bags don't always match their outfits and still look great.
  12. Thanks shoo!!!
  13. I wear a lot of Diane von Furstenberg dresses (many of which are prints) and I love mixing a DVF dress with a bright Balenciaga bag.

    I think that Juane will be very versitile. It is dark enough that I think it will be stunning with a lot of colours - including greens, blues, reds and greys.

    Sometimes complimentary colours can be hokey if they're both very bright, but if you're wearing, say, a toned-down green with a BRIGHT RED bag it can be absolutely stunning! I tend to find a really good picture of the bag I want (the most accurate colour I can find) and print it out. Then I cut it out and put it next to my clothes to see how I like them together. If the bag works with a wide variety of colours, it's a winner! It's a bummer to have a bag that you really only like with black and white, but I think all of the colours you mentioned could be easily integrated into your wardrobe.
  14. Thanks Cheshire!!!!
  15. One thing that Bal also does is mix colours, maybe the black bags are one colour, but say Cornflower, it's blue, but a *little* purple. It seems that many of the colours have an undertone, sometimes I have a hard time matching the colour and undertone.

    I agree with bagnshoo that if you were wearing a pink shirt, it should be either lighter or darker than the bag, otherwise it won't stand out and heavens, a Balenciaga should stand out : )

    I try and wear complimentary colours, or neutrals and let the bag pop. I like yellows with my greens and some blues, but I am not very adventurous with colour. I wore a goldenrod shirt with my Rouge Vif this week and couldn't believe how well it went! I think that brown goes really well with all the colours you listed, same with grey.

    I wish you well,