fun clubs/bars in san francisco?

  1. suggestions?

  2. It really depends what you're into ... Ruby Skye is supposed to be fun (although I haven't been there).
  3. i heard asiaSF is supposedly fun. you should check it out.
  4. SlideSF
    Harlot Lounge
    Redwood Room at the Clift (kinda swanky though)
  5. Medjool's is pretty cool for all age groups IMO. They have a rooftop bar where you can see the city. Now that it's summer, its perfect outside at night. Inside the atmosphere is pretty laid back. You can get drinks and appetizers there.
  6. starlight room on wednesdays. bars in the marina are fun too.

  7. i agree! :yes: I went there once in the Spring of last year and it was nice to be on the rooftop.
  8. asiaSF is extremely fun, and you never know who you'll meet. I went there for a friend's birthday party and that's where I met my now husband! :heart:

    However, please note that this place is a little different -- the "waitresses" are actually guys in drag. But it's a riot! It's more of a restaurant than a club, though.
  9. thanks everyone! i'll be here for a few weeks, so i'll be sure to check out all the suggestions :smile:
  10. Supperclub is an interesting concept; it might be nice to go for their 5 course dinner and show. :smile:

    Check out and type in club or bar in SF and you should get tons of reviews on clubs in whatever area of SF you'll be in...