Fun business trip


Used to love Coach, now I LoVe LV
Feb 29, 2008
So I was out of town on business Wed and Thurs of this week. I happened to mentioned to two ladies at work that I was thinking about going to the Coach Outlet 3 1/2 hrs away from my house this weekend. They were like "did you know we have one 45 minutes away from our office?" I was all like "Get out!" So after work, they took me there!!!! I will post pics this weekend but here's what I got: 1) Hamptons embossed sig hobo in mahogany (last one in the store!), 2) gallery patent leather wristlet in mahogany, 3) chili legacy french purse (for me sister) 4) brass sig locket key fob. The trip was so fun and totally unexpected. We decided that every time I'm in town and stay overnight, we'll go to the outlet and then have dinner! Big shout out to my woderful coworkers! Now I don't have to drive 7 hrs this weekend! This ends my fabulous Coach-tastic week. I ordered the Madeline in Geranium earlier in the week before my trip. I'm done for a few months :smile::yahoo:
Jan 2, 2008
It sounds like you had a great time! Thats great that you didn't have to drive that far to the outlet, can't wait to see pics! :tup:


Miss you boy!
Jun 6, 2007
N. Texas
I travel on business a lot, aren't those surprise trips to Coach wonderful. It always brightens my travels. Congratulations on the great finds.