Fun beauty find!

  1. I found this in Waldenbooks. It's a book in a box called The Beauty Buyble: The Best Beauty Products 2007. You get the book, the nice reuseable box, and tons of awesome product samples and coupons for only $19.95. I took some pics of the loot. Seriously, there are nice samples in here. If you see it, I recommend giving it a try. I am taking mine over to my mom's house, so we can share some of the samples. :tup:
    beauty3.jpg beauty2.jpg beauty1.jpg
  2. Really cool!! Great find!
  3. ^^ It also came with two coupons for free subscriptions to Looking Good Now! magazine, which is a sister publication to Shape. I think I will give one of those to my mom also.

    This would be a nice thing to buy for a "girls' night in". Turn up the music, bust out the margaritas, and start giving each other makeovers! LOL!
  4. Nice!! Do enjoy and let us know how those samples work!

  5. Ooh! That sounds like lots of fun! Can I come too? :p
  6. i want one im going to look next time im at that store i as just thereon friday
  7. How interesting! Where do you get it?
  8. It is really interesting.
  9. that is really cute, I wonder if I can find one myself. Is the book interesting??
  10. Oh,i'm going to go and get one.
  11. Great Find.
  12. i got one near the begining of the year @ walmart it did come with alot of great samples & the book was great too
    there were alot of the samples that i gave to friends or got rid of though
  13. Greats find!
    I really need to get that!