fun bags?

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  1. I have searched the sites (think I'm a little idiot in searching :shame: ).

    Any fun bags to share? Bags you carry for leisure and play (bright colours/ different design etc). I have found my work bag so I thought I can now focus on play bag. :lol: Thank you!
  2. I love all my funky fabric bags. I have Tara Boones and I got a cute new Poesis for the summer.
  3. That Moschino melted chocolate bag that Bunny was looking for was very very fun. Too bad it's disappeared!
  4. I find my Michael Kors satchels to be very fun for those days when you want to carry a nice, trendy looking bag that didn't break the bank. I have the studded satchel, pocket duffel, and Palm Beach satchel, all in the luggage/cognac color. Great leather, and they get lots of compliments!
  5. For a more funky, fun look --
  6. I heard about the Lesportsac tokidoki bella bella on this forum and just ordered from Ebay -very fun!

  7. AH! Thats so cute!
  8. That is cute! How big is that?
  9. ;)
  10. How much did you pay for the LeSportsac on eBay?

    I saw those selling at Aritzia for $180 CAD. A bit overpriced in my opinion for a nylon bag but the characters on it are so cute.
  11. The larger Bella Bella (the one I ordered) is 13.5x7x4.5. The Bella is slightly smaller. I found a seller, who I'm crossing my fingers is legitimate, sold for $175+$10 shipping. Original retail on it was $148 but they're sold out in stores. Yes, it was a pretty outrageous price for a nylon bag, but apparently they've become quite the rage. At first I thought it was ridiculous to pay that much, but then I just couldn't stop thinking about it, LOL! I think they're a little like the LeSportsac LAMB bags by Gwen Stefani, way overpriced but just seem to demand attention:suspiciou . We all splurge eventually:lol: .It's a great, quirky bag to run around with in the summer! Oh, BTW, Urban Outfitters just listed the smaller Bella for sale at $125 -better price, but I knew I wouldn't be happy with that size bag -but a great deal for those who are more efficient than myself. Happy shopping.
  12. I have a LeSportsac LAMB puse that I think is fun and can't part with. Oh, and I consider coach bags fun bags lol, good for the beach or something. I have a prada bag in a nice coral color that is fun. A lot of evening shimmery bags are fun as well! :love: :biggrin: