Fun at South Coast Plaza today! :)

  1. So today I went to South Coast for oh...all of 5 hours and I did a small bit of damage hehe....

    I returned the Antigua Pochette Plate that I had in brown, because I liked it, but I didn't LOVE it so I got something I did. I got the Nomade Koala Bracelet in Black instead and then I went to Dior and got the Guardia Necklace. :yahoo:
    black bracelet.jpg dior necklace.jpg
  2. lovely purchases! I'd love to see some pics of you wearing the necklace!
  3. Congrats!
    Especially on the bracelet ;)
  4. i bought the black nomade koala bracelet for my son. it was too cute to pass up!
  5. Congrats!!! Both lovely:tender: The Nomade Koala bracelet is TDF:love:
  6. lovely purchase..
    do you mind to tell me how much the necklace cost?
  7. 260. And I'll post pics of me wearing both when I get the chance and the right outfit haha.
  8. Great !! thank you
  9. Congrats on those totally have to LOVE them to KEEP em...
  10. congrats! I love your purchases!!
  11. Congrats! That necklace is really, really nice!!
  12. very nice! good taste!
  13. Loooooove that necklace! Awesome buys
  14. ooooh very nice!
  15. I love the bracelet!