Fun at Prada Yesterday

  1. I went to Prada yesterday -- just looking! I wore my new, dark brown Miu Miu Coffer as I'm a bit in love with it right now. Well, I was pleasantly amazed at all of the SAs in the store who came over and complimented my bag. None of them had seen one IRL bfore; a couple of them were almost as ecstatic as I am over it! It was really funny. They all asked to touch it and two of them even tried it on. Very funny!

    Anyway, I tried sooo many bags including every Gauffre on display. No, I didn't buy -- I so wanted to but I can't do the guilt trip I'd have over TWO high-end purchases in a month. My favorite of the day was the black napa Gauffre satchel (east/west). LOVE this bag! Not too big, not too small, absolutely gorgeous leather and I love te buckle details and I think the black satchel could go from day to night. AND I need a black bag. I'm in the midst of a dilemma between the Prada satchel and a Chanel. I really want a more classic, timeless piece and i really did think the black Gauffre satchel was elegant when I tried it yesterday.

    I love all of your bag pics here!! I'm new to this forum, but not new to handbags, so I'm really appreciating all the great pics and info! I'll add in a pic of my Coffer as soon as I figure out how to add a pic!
  2. ^ Apparently that bag must be hot IRL..Padparasha has been trying to get me to buy that!!!:p But I have that in cera..(I think this is the same bag)..I hope someone buys that and posts pics as I'd love to see pics of this IRL!!!! Are you debating on getting it?:graucho:
  3. yes that is a gorgeous bag!
  4. Emmy, I don't know how I managed to NOT whip out my cc yesterday and buy it. I wore the black satchel in the store for about a half hour! With all my stuff in it! I can't believe how LIGHT it is and the leather is just a dream. I'm debating between this one and a black Chanel flap ... want to really think it over. As of today, the Prada is winning but I'll see how I feel in a week or two.
  5. Oh god, you lot are making my resolve weaken. I want a black bag and I adore the look of the gauffres. I'm off to Nice next week and I think a visit to the Prada store may end up being fatal - and very expensive.
    What can you recommend for a classic, black, gorgeous, squishy bag? Either Prada or Miu Miu - I have the soft calf bow satchel in cera and absolutely adore it.
  6. I've yet to see a bow satchel IRL -- would love to see close pics of the bows! If you love the Gauffres and want comething classic and squishy, I surely recommend the satchel ... I'm going to wait patiently (OK, I'll TRY to wait patiently) to make the final decision.
  7. Ok, I *had* post this pic here because I have been desperatly trying to convince Emmy that *this* is her next bag, or if not this style since she has it already *one* of the new black gauffres. They are TDF!!! So here is this beauty...
  8. and then here is the new *messenger* style in black too...

    Jills messenger is in the *deerskin*, if I'm correct, but this black one I believe is in the lambskin.
  9. yup, jill's is made of the antic cervo, exactly like sweetfrock's satchel. i think this one is of nappa leather.
  10. And they're BOTH beauties!!! I love both bags but I found the messenger buckles too much for me to get in and out quickly at work. But it IS so beautiful!!

    Love the pics!!

    I really wonder though... do any of you Prada lovers really use the ID tag like on the satchel for example? I removed it at the store yesterday and I liked it even more without...
  11. I don't use mine! It seems kind of odd to me, I'm very private anyway and wouldn't want to put my name out there for anyone standing next to me to see! I guess if I was traveling it may be useful??? Still don't know if I'd do it. I'm with ya. :yes:
  12. OMG...I love, love the black! That might be my next...but I really have to wait...I also want a different shape (I have the E/W satchel in cera - Emmy and I are twins!) and I love the messenger, but not the buckles...

    I'll just wait and see what the meantime, I'm wondering whether or not to take my cera to Hawaii....:shrugs: ;)

  13. ^Bis!!!! What are we to do!!! I love it too!!! But I really don't want another bag like our cera baby either!!!! Hmmmm.....what are we waiting for? I Love this is perfect for the fact that it's balck w/ gold hardware...(I need another one!)...Do you think something spectacular will come out in fall?!!!! I hope so!!! It is tempting though...Padparasha why oh why!!!!!
    She IS lovely....:graucho: Is this one the same price as ther cera ($2360.00)..?
  14. gorgeous!!!!
  15. Fortunately ladies... there *is* another option! :nuts:

    This gauffre is the *bowler*!! It's gorgeous --- I saw it in person at NM yesterday - right now it's only available in the ivory color, but the SA said it's coming in black too!!! So now you can buy another gauffre... and in black!:p